The Few

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“Many want but few will,” Ryan Blair.  What a perfect summation and follow up on yesterday’s post.  It’s easy to want, it’s easy to feel the drive and desire toward something.  It’s another story entirely to make it happen and execute on what we feel.  Life often works by giving us the ingredients and seeing what we can come up with.  The recipe isn’t always there, sometimes we have to take what we have and make it into something. People aren’t always going to tell us how to put it all together and they certainly aren’t always going to tell us what is in our best interest.  We need to know what’s in our best interest for ourselves.  We need to know that it’s ok to take the chances that lead us toward the life we want.  In fact, we need to know that we HAVE to take chances to get to the life we want.  That means trusting ourselves deeply, implicitly, and with grace. 

Wanting is easy as I mentioned above.  Our society preys on wanting.  Think of all the advertisements we see or hear in a day.  Our lives are inundated with people appealing to our senses, our want/need to do more, the desire to be a certain way.  The truth is there isn’t one thing that is going to be the magic answer and turn us into the version of ourselves that we see in our minds.  That takes work—real work and dedication.  If we get distracted by the short term trying to fulfill our lives with things that deem us acceptable, or things that make us feel comfortable in the moment, we aren’t working on the long term foundation of who we are.  We aren’t taking action toward what we want and we certainly aren’t developing our will. 

Developing the discipline to create our dreams takes time but it’s in those small incremental changes we dedicate ourselves to daily that makes it happen.  We don’t need to upend our lives to become extraordinary.  We simply need to focus on the direction and take the steps needed to get there.  Again, simple, not easy.  We have to be able to move ourselves through and stay dedicated toward that goal even when we can’t see the results.  It’s a matter of doing, and continuing to do because we know that the result will get there eventually.  It’s about the doing, not the arriving.  That’s a hard place to be.  But when we find something greater than ourselves, when we fall in love with the doing, the arrival doesn’t matter.  We continue on our will and the results continue to grow and spiral in ways we couldn’t imagine.  What a gift.

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