Lessons, Love, and Life–Thank you!

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I want to talk about gratitude for the past year.  2021 never promised to be any better than 2020 or any year before that, but in the end it was a beautiful year.  I cried a lot and laughed and yes, I got angry more than I should have and I felt a lot of confusion and frustration.  But that means I felt something for my life and the things that were happening.  There was a lot of pain in 2021 but the growth that came out of it made sense.  There is no growth without pain (or at least discomfort) because we wouldn’t move at all if things were always perfect.  We still have a lot of work to do and we can’t rest on our laurels—we are called to make the changes. 

2021 gave me a lot of lessons about making decisions and moving forward while simultaneously letting go.  Let me tell you, for this Type A that has been the hardest part.  Just when you think you have an understanding of something, the universe swoops in and makes it something else.  The biggest lesson in that regard is to create the foundation of the self.  To know who we are—to know who I am.  When we have that solid foundation, the external means nothing.  We are guided to the next steps because we know who we are and we trust in our ability to fly rather than being supported by a false sense of security. 

This year was about letting go.  I’m still working on the emotional component of that in regards to the past as well as control.  But I was definitely able to let go of things.  Again, more work to do on that front since I put a lot of emotional attachment into the life I’ve built, but I released things again and again and said loving goodbyes to my past and some tearful goodbyes too.  But I am grateful to see that it wasn’t about staying stuck there, it was about releasing the idea of what something was.  It was about letting go of the perceived security I had then and embracing the life I’m creating for myself now.  Relying on my own hands, my own abilities instead of hoping someone would always be there to fix it for me or to make me feel better. 

This year was also about self-work.  It was about letting go of the expectation of anyone else to fulfill my needs.  It was about understanding that I am capable and strong and that the idea that people think I can’t do it because of how I look also came from me.  It was about realizing it didn’t matter what they thought anyway—they would think what they wanted to regardless, it was up to me to do what I needed to do, not so much to prove, but to simply move forward with my life.  I spent too long asking for permission when all I needed was to do.  And with self-work, it was about self-love.  My mind reached what felt like the breaking point several times this year and I kept going.  My body was put through the wringer on multiple occasions (both from myself and things that couldn’t be helped) and it kept going.  I am so grateful to have a vessel that supports me and to be able to take care of it. 

I am also grateful for all of the opportunities that came my way.  From the chance to be a mother again and to reconnect with my son after that loss, to buying our home, to the possibilities that opened up both for my family and my career, to seeing deeper into myself about what I truly want in this world and letting go of the guilt that comes with that,  to releasing generational trauma around guilt and purpose, to having fun with my family on the water, to celebrating our first  holiday in our new place, and to reconnect with love again (for self and my family). 

To the New Year, I welcome you and I thank you for the next steps in my life.  I am grateful for the new adventures coming my way.  I am grateful for taking steps to create the life I’m looking for—and the life that is looking for me.  I am grateful for health, wealth, abundance, and happiness.  I am grateful to release and learn and trust and realign—I am grateful for the flow, ease, and peace that comes with that.  I am grateful to connect and I am grateful for action.  I am grateful to share my blessings with the world and I am grateful to open up doors of opportunity and possibility through that expression. 

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy, successful, and prosperous New Year.  May you make 2022 the stuff of dreams and be open to what is meant to be in your life.  Welcome it with open arms.  Happy New Year!      

The Awakening

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I’ve had this romantic notion about waking up in my life, of finding who I am, of a sudden epiphany of what needs to be done.  Please don’t mistake me, I have actually had some beautifully connected moments in my life.  I’ve experienced things that are nothing short of intuition, love, and divine action.  Yet, I thought this awakening and those moments of epiphany would stay with me forever. I never knew the amount of work that went into that connection and being fully who I am.  It feels more like keeping my head above water than floating on water most days.  Was I looking for easy?  Not really, but I didn’t anticipate this hard either.  And I guess at the end of the day, nothing worthwhile will come for free.  Even if we are speaking energetically, the act of aligning is painful because we have to give up what we thought we know in exchange for truth.  THERE is the crux of it.  We can’t live in the world of distraction and the world of connection simultaneously. 

Through any change it is only human nature to continue to look for familiarity because subconsciously that is where we are safe.  Not only is it comfortable, it is what we associate with safety.  The act of awakening is safe but it is anything but comfortable.  It is pretty violent if we are honest.  It requires nothing short of razing what we know and getting to the foundation again and then rebuilding.  Yes, I stand by what I said—it is safe to do so and it is necessary.  If we continue on repeating the patterns we know then we will miss out on the greatest opportunities we may have.  I’m 100% guilty of falling back into it; I convinced myself to stay distracted with envy and jealousy and fear because that is familiar ground.  I convinced myself that I needed to commit to the prescribed pattern because it is known. 

I know many of us repeat patterns because it’s what we know.  But what happens when we try to wear those old jeans from high school?  At first we laugh because the idea of putting them on seems hilarious.  We may get a little bit of anger in there as we look at the changes we have gone through.  We see they don’t fit anymore, and more importantly, we feel they don’t fit anymore.  We have a sudden realization that we aren’t that version of ourselves anymore.  And the question becomes do we really want to be that version again? So why do we try to repeat patterns when they are no longer us?  I mean, if you still fit in your high school jeans, kudos, but is that who you really are?  Have you grown in other ways?  We are more than the measure of our pants as we are more than the measure of our thoughts from 10 years ago, or the thoughts from our family.  We are meant to grow.

So when it comes to trying to live in two worlds, we wouldn’t split the roots of a plant between two pots with the stem still in tact.  It would never survive.  And we can’t survive either.  I mean, we can keep it going for a while and many of us wear multiple hats anyway.  But I’m talking about actually thriving and growing.  We can’t do that if we are caught between two ideas of what we should be doing.  If we want connection, we must give up distraction including the thoughts of, “I have to do this,” or, “I should be doing that.”  We need to stay present.  I’m not saying ignore your obligations, but I am asking does the worry help us get through what we need to do any faster?  No. 

Back to the awakening.  This is the next step.  If we want to remember those moments of connection, we have to keep them going.  It’s not about being right or wrong, it’s about being with the feeling of wholeness in who we are and being content with that.  That is all we need to do.  Still, easier said than done, I know.  Giving up what we think we know in exchange for the truth is the only way to make it happen.  I don’t claim to be there yet, but I know it’s true.  I know it’s true because as I mentioned earlier, I have been connected before.  I have seen guidance and I have taken it as often as I’ve been stubborn and gone my own way. I know what it feels like to feel supported and to know I’m taking the rights steps and I know how good it feels.  Yes, the awakening may hurt, but the result is something I know is worth every ounce of pain.

Different Vibes

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It’s different when you’re with people who own their shit and move on.  I’ve lived my entire life anywhere but where I’m at.  Constantly shifting between where I was and where I want to be mixed with how it “should be” or “should have been.”  That is a serious misuse of energy and it leads to some even more serious delusions in the mind.  My family spends a lot of time living in the past and holding onto things without talking about them because we believe it’s the “nice” thing to do.  There are some circumstances where this is absolutely true and it is best to move on.  But the things that affect us deeply, we never learned how to manage and that anger builds up inside like a tinder box.

I’ve always read that the type of people you hang out with influence who we are and I saw this first hand when I spent some time with my husband’s family.  I used to think they were dramatic because there is a different type of relationship and communication with them.  After spending some time with them I see it differently.  They at least express their concerns directly and there isn’t anything held behind the scenes trying to figure out what is wrong with the other person.

The latter behavior provides a sense of peace.  I used to think it was egotistical, like no one wanted to own their crap and were pretending they didn’t do anything wrong.  But the skill is that they are able to express it and move on.  An apology or even no apology speaks for itself and that is it.  Fixating on the situation does nothing to solve it.  Letting it go at least allows them to move on.  They are absolutely present with whatever is going on. That is a key to moving forward that I never saw before.  I mean, presence is important for a lot of reasons, but forgiveness and not harboring is far healthier than holding onto it, hoping that something which can never change will somehow be different. 

I felt envious about it and also a sort of catharsis.  I thought that this might be something that I am able to do as well.  I mean, I know it will take a lot of practice, but it is absolutely attainable.  And the catharsis was in the fact that I can choose differently now and start moving forward.  It may not be with my immediate family as they are who they are—and I can’t change that.  But I can start changing my reactions and dealing with my emotions around it rather than constantly putting it on other people.  There is ownership in that.  That is really living. 

So we can decide if we are going to fixate and stay stuck or imagining things differently.  Or we can learn to move on and accept.  It’s hard but the purpose is entirely different.  I’m not discounting the need for all of us to learn the lessons and apologize when we hurt someone, but we can’t tie our actions to their acknowledgement or denial of our feelings.  Our feelings are our own.  Express them and deal with what comes.  I choose to live in the light and the way to do that is through that kind of acceptance.  Those are the people to be around. Choose your tribe carefully.

Choose Again…And Again

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“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up,” Muhammad Ali.  I love this for a lot of reasons.  My mother is about to have knee surgery and I feel her anxiety dripping off of her.  It’s not like I don’t understand, it’s an overwhelming experience especially if you haven’t had surgery like that in a while.  Throw in preparations with COVID etc. and it is a scary undertaking.  But I see her and it is a reminder that this is a new beginning for her.  She is waking up.  For so long she kept herself quiet about the pain and she did what she needed to do to get through the day.  Now she is taking a step forward in her life and she is going to start fresh. I think part of her is afraid to let go of the pain because that is all she knew.

It’s a wonderful reminder to all of us that no matter our age, we can always start again.  We can find what gives us purpose and what brings us joy and simply let go of the rest at any time.  The biggest obstacle is ourselves.  It’s our mind and whether or not we are trained to see the opportunity in the obstacle.  Sometimes the greatest results come after the detour.  I know in my family we spend a lot of time dwelling on the negative and even forecasting the negative.  Most of it is out of fear, control and our greatest friend, anxiety.  It’s not like we WANT to be that way, but regardless of the desire, we have to work very hard to see the positive.  So seeing the positive is our way of waking up.

I used to think the world was an extremely unkind place.  I watched as the dreams I had for myself would be dashed over and over again as I wished repeatedly for a peaceful life, a successful life, a secure life.  The reality is, I sacrificed over and over again hoping that would get me what I wanted when in reality, all the universe wanted me to do was to take an opportunity and hold on.  “Pick one,” she said, “I will take you where you want to go but for Pete’s sake, stop letting everything pass you by.” 

I learned that you can’t keep letting things fall out of your grasp and then expect them to return.  There comes a point when it isn’t nobility in hoping for another chance at something.  It’s insanity to keep letting it pass you by.  So it’s time to wake up and seize the moments we have while we have them.  I’m still working on getting clear on this, don’t mistake it, but I know with everything in my soul that it is time to release the martyr act and take the moments that are mine.  They wouldn’t be here if they weren’t meant to be.  I don’t want to hold onto the pain, hoping some day someone will relieve it for me when all I need to do is stop choosing pain. 

And that is a scary undertaking because as I see my mother, her fear about the pain is the same as mine.  I don’t know what my life looks like on the other side.  I don’t know what my life looks like outside of the control to avoid the pain.  I don’t know what life looks like embracing things as they are because I’ve always gotten scared and started controlling again.  All I know is that it still sounds tempting and I want to let go of the control before I let go of all the chances that may come my way.  So as my mother awakens, so does the daughter.  And as she releases her control, so do it.  Together we step into our new selves and we learn to navigate this.  We heal together, her physically, me generationally.  I can make peace with the past and simply move on.


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We had my family over the other day and I started talking to my dad about squirrels.  They have ton over by their house and he absolutely loves feeding them and he’s actually gotten quite close to some of them.  I mentioned that we’ve been here for six months and I really haven’t seen squirrels by us.  We have rabbits and chipmunks but not too many squirrels on this side of where we live.  It actually made me a little sad because we had a ton of squirrels near our old place and I’ve been missing their fuzzy little antics.  Plus I thought if my parents ever moved here he would really miss that.  Regardless, I notice their absence.

So I woke up on the first real day of my vacation and did some work in my office a bit later than I normally do.  It was still early, but there was actually daylight.  I had put in a workout in the morning and felt really good and as I sat down, I looked outside because the light was gorgeous.  I saw a fuzzy little tail running along the fence and another one up in the tree.  Sure enough, they were squirrels. My jaw dropped.  I mean, the timing of it was amazing and then to see two of them?! 

I immediately pulled out my medicine card book and there wasn’t anything about a squirrel so I looked it up and it says that squirrels are often a message for us to have more fun.  Specifically we have been taking life too seriously and forgotten that play is essential too.  Yes, they remind us to take care of practical matters as far as preparing for the future, but they want us to lighten what we have taken on unnecessarily and release the clutter.  The part that hit me the most was about how those thoughts are detrimental to our health.  My health in particular has been up and down over the last year and even though I’ve made strides, I have a nasty habit of letting it go to the wayside when other things need to be done.    

How often do we look at play as frivolous?  How often do I remind everyone here that play is one of the most important things we can do to tap into creativity as well as what we need?  And how often do I slip back into old habits and work, work, work?  I mean, I know I’m not alone in that, but I preach it and still forget it.  Regardless.  I’ve felt a different type of burnout throughout this year.  It’s not like the normal burnout where I need a day off or I need to distract myself from something.  This is the type of burnout where I am so physically exhausted that I struggle to move and I am so mentally overwhelmed by the smallest things that I paralyze myself…and then get more overwhelmed because I did nothing.  It’s all mental.  And it’s all the game of doing too much.  Taking on too much without enough focus.  Being pulled in too many directions and feeling uncertain any one of them is correct.

So as I seek joy, I know play is a priority.  I know that yes, practical matters need to be attended to, but not at the sacrifice of my sanity or peace now.  Getting to the breaking point in the present will do nothing for the future any more than doing nothing will.  It’s about balance and I sincerely believe it’s achievable.  The secret is to figure out what balance is for you (me).  It won’t look the same for everyone and it won’t feel the same for everyone.  We simply need to be who we are.  For me, self-care is first on the list.  Right now I have to make sure I am cared for before dealing with anyone else (putting the oxygen mask on myself first) and part of that will be play, or at a minimum, what feels good to me in the moment.  I don’t need a reason for it other than to keep myself sane and healthy.

I am grateful for these fuzzy little creatures in my life.  I’ve run around like a scared rabbit long enough.  There is joy in life.  It’s time to dive into that joy and really embrace it as part of who I am.  The truth is I always thought I needed to be taken seriously by doing serious things.  I mean, I don’t look like your typical professional.  I thought play would damage my reputation since I had been called a bimbo from the time I was a teenager.  Keep in mind I graduated top of my class with highest honors but that didn’t matter as I laughed too loud.  Now I truly don’t give a damn.  I want to embrace life and love and damn it, it is serious enough without making it more complicated.  I WANT to play and have fun.  And clearly the universe wants that as well.  So I’m going for it 😊    

Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for having another holiday with my family safely.  We haven’t been together in nearly two years so to get together and laugh and eat and play like we used to felt amazing.  Seeing everyone smile again and take the time to enjoy being together felt amazing.  We didn’t get to celebrate at Thanksgiving so it felt especially important to take the time to get together.  Simply being present and being together was more than enough.  Helping each other set up the house and razzing each other felt like no time had passed.  And I know in the grand scheme of things, two years isn’t that much and starting different traditions isn’t bad, but when you are acutely aware of how precious time is, it feels like so much more is lost.  I am happy we didn’t waste any more time.

Today I am grateful for the time I need to get well emotionally, physically, and mentally.  I was honestly concerned that I wouldn’t be able to have the holiday because I felt a bit under the weather starting on Thursday.  I went as slow as I could and I got a lot of rest.  I listened to what my body needed and it worked.  I honestly felt so much better on Saturday.  I’m looking forward to the time off I have this next week to really recuperate and feel my way back to myself. I have been working up to this for a while and my mind and body are telling me exactly what I need.  My brain has felt like I’ve been trying to shift gears and keep missing the clutch so it just grinds and grinds.  Now I’m taking the time to find the right gear for me.        

Today I am grateful for safety.  I woke up this morning knowing that I was safe.  On the surface, I know I’ve created a good life for myself and my family—I am truly blessed.  In spite of that, I have been living waiting for the other shoe to drop for a long time.  I’m always waiting for the rug to be pulled out from under me so to speak.  We’ve been in our home for 6 months now and I’ve been waiting for things to just fall apart—and I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s the fatalistic attitude I was trained with or maybe it’s just lacking trust in those around me or even in myself.  But today, after working with my family yesterday, after taking the time to listen to my body and seeing the results, I truly felt supported for the first time in a long time.  I felt truly safe.

Today I am grateful for trust.  Along with safety, I am grateful for the reminder that it is ok to trust.  I often feel it’s necessary to carry the weight of the world because I want to make sure people know I’m doing my part.  It’s a generational trauma thing where we don’t ever feel like we are doing enough.  Plus it’s a self-confidence thing where I don’t want people to feel like I haven’t earned my place.  Regardless, I got really vulnerable with my husband and I feel it was reciprocated.  It is the first time in a long time I allowed myself to believe something positive about myself that came from another person.  I mean, I don’t believe we need a ton of external validation, but I do believe that we need something from those we love.  It’s reciprocity.  I am grateful my words were received today. 

Today I am grateful for rhythm.  Specifically my rhythm.  There is something about knowing your step and your place in where you want to be that is so soothing and comforting.  It’s a true recognition of the soul.  It’s a true recognition of who we are and that is the greatest form of love we can show ourselves.  All of the things I would normally stress about doing feel somewhat further away today.  I know there are still things that need to be done, but the reality is there just isn’t a need to worry about them.  It’s such a waste of time.  Being present is what I need more than anything.  It’s like what I was talking about earlier with feeling safe.  I can trust it will all get done.  I don’t need to rush through anything.  It will all get done. 

Today I am grateful for reminders and synchronicity.  The universe constantly sends us messages until we understand what it’s trying to tell us.  I mentioned above about the grinding of gears and the knowing that I need a break.  The body/mind connection is so real and if our mind wants to ignore what our body tells us then it will eventually find a way to break through.  So will the universe.  I believe in the messages of animals and I have been thinking about one in particular (a piece is coming on that) and it showed up for me today.  The message coincides perfectly with the burnout I’ve been feeling…so thank you universe, for the reminder!

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead

It’s Christmas

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This Christmas has been a reminder of many things.  I know most holidays are stressful with the production that goes into it and the unexpressed emotions around people who sometimes don’t know the truth about who we are.  In spite of all that, it is a reminder to enjoy the time we have together.  Time passes quickly and you never know when it may be the last holiday you have together.  My family has an odd love for each other.  We tend to harbor a lot of resentment without talking about what the real issue is and then get angry when we repeat the behavior.  Yet we all somehow still want to get together.  I have this image in my head of what it’s like to be family and what it’s like to be present with each other and it nearly never turns out that way. 

We celebrated with my in-laws last week and it was such a different vibe.  I used to feel like my husband’s family was a bit mean because of how direct they were with each other.  But I see how they are able to have the conversation and move on which is a thousand times more productive than holding on to something for 20 years and rehashing it over and over again in your head and getting mad because someone doesn’t get it.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, there is still drama of sorts and there are still dysfunctional things with people not speaking to each other, but once some time passes, they all come back together again. 

None of this is to say that I don’t love the holidays.  I adore the pomp and circumstance and the lights and the glitter and the ability to be happy for no other reason than we get to spoil each other a bit.  I love preparing a great meal and having my family around me and playing games.  I love creating a new tradition mixed with the old.  I love seeing the roles shift and watching my parents be the grand-parents and light up seeing the grandkids marvel at the magic of it all.  I love creating the magic!

This year I am especially appreciative of having a place to bring the family so we can be together safely and comfortably.  I’m grateful to have the family together again for a holiday after nearly two years.  I’m grateful I fell right back into the routine of the prep and managed to get it together.  It didn’t matter what it looked like in the end, but I’m always glad to try and give my best to everyone.  I’m so happy for the memories of what we did together.  The games, the laughter, the kids running around.  Life is chaotic enough, but ironically enough this chaos is life.  Hearing it all, the loudness, the laughter that is life.  We get to cherish that while it is here.  What a gift.

It Isn’t Flowing

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I’m having a moment of writer’s block.  I have tons of prompts and the words just aren’t coming.  My mind is straying with the other things I need to be doing to get ready for the holiday and I’m spinning out a tiny bit.  It isn’t unmanageable by any means, it’s just frustrating.  There are distractions all over between the house, my family, the animals, the things I want to do to make the holiday special…all of it.  And the creativity that I normally tap into seems barren at the moment.  Or is it because I’m demanding the creativity right in this moment when I’ve allotted the time for it?  I’ve been baking and decorating and cleaning and organizing and all sorts of other creative projects—but this creativity for my expression isn’t coming when I need it. 

I spent some time beating myself up and then I decided to share about not being able to tap into what I need to do.  This isn’t a time to push, this is a time to be honest.  This is a time to sit with what I’m feeling and think about why I can’t get into what I’m trying to do.  There is something in me stopping me from focusing on what I want to be doing.  Some long repressed belief trying to peek through?  Like maybe I don’t deserve to do what I want to do.  And suddenly I’m feeling like all I want to do is slipping away.  the ground beneath me doesn’t feel stable and I’m questioning what I really want.  Trying to keep all of these balls in the air has been too much for too long and I’m losing sight on what I really wanted in the first place.  Throwing darts and seeing where they land isn’t cutting it any more. 

I know this.  But at the same time this fear and anxiety isn’t helping to get things moving.  So I have to give in and relax.  I have to allow whatever this is to happen.  I guess it’s time to get in the present moment and get really honest.  Stop loving a dream and start being who I am.  It’s also about recognizing that this is simply a moment.  The fear and anxiety will pass.  I will get back on track and all will flow again.  We aren’t in normal circumstances right now.  

Lessons From Children’s Toys

Photo by ROMBO on Pexels.com

We celebrated the holidays early with my husband’s side of the family.  My son got this really impressive T-Rex remote control dinosaur.  Let me tell you.  Releasing this toy from its box was nothing short of an Ocean’s 11 type production.  I understand the need for anti-theft devices blah blah etc., however, this thing was literally screwed into the box on top of having those little tab-release key things on the back—in 4 different spots.  I tried four different screw drivers trying to get this damn thing out so my kid could play with it—and they didn’t work.  My thumbs are still numb from trying to open this thing.  I ended up destroying the box in order to more easily unscrew the holds.  And I finally just broke those damn things off because they weren’t moving either.

So.  What I want to share aside from a good lesson in learning to keep my cool while opening gifts, is that we always have to look for other ways to solve the problem.  Yes, I tried to play ball and do the right thing to nicely release the remote lizard from its prison, but that clearly wasn’t in the cards.  It took me nearly 20 minutes of fighting with this thing before I gave up the idea of perfect box saved to be played with.  Then it took me another 10 minutes of trying to unscrew the extra tabs before I literally just broke those off.  It didn’t matter if there was a box to play with as a background, it didn’t matter if things were pretty, it didn’t matter if I did it the “right” way.  I found some peace there 😊.  We have to get creative sometimes and go about our tasks in a different way than we planned. 

It still all turned out taking the ugly route.  Once the box was destroyed and this remote beast was unleashed, my kid gleefully played with it on the floor and the table.  He even sent the screaming thing after me telling me it was yelling at me.  I smiled and let the success warm my heart—I won, the box was dead, and my kid was happy.  And then in perfect four-year old Holiday ecstasy, he stopped playing with it after 10 minutes and moved on to the play-doh.  So my friends, don’t ever let temporary things get to you or your ideas of what “should” be.  No one cares and life moves on anyway.  I need a drink.        

It’s Mutual

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“Remember, no one makes you angry—you decided to use anger as a response,” unknown.  This is a bit of a trigger for me because it lacks mutual accountability.  On the surface, I get it.  It’s about emotional control and knowing how to not rise to the bait.  However, there is another side to this.  We are far too casual with how we treat people and far too entitled with what we expect from people versus the system.  With our instant everything society, we’ve formed the habit of expecting people to know how we feel and how we should be treated at all times.  We expect people to meet our expectations without even knowing who we are.  We expect them to KNOW what our expectations are, how to address us, how to avoid our triggers, and to meet all of those expectations with a glance.  I know we are looking for acceptance, but you can’t demand that.  The world doesn’t work that way.  You have to create your own acceptance and let the rest roll off.

We have forgotten humanity to a degree and much of that comes because we aren’t getting what we need.  We are taught that we need things to make us happy and that if we buy into the system we will be taken care of.  As we are moving on, we are seeing more and more how little we are cared for by the system yet we feed into it because we don’t know how to break it.  Humans are not systems nor are they machines but we treat each other as if we are endlessly and ceaselessly meant to fulfill obligations to others.  There will come a point when being treated like this will make anyone explode.

Now, I want to caveat that yes, we can always choose the response we use, but in those moments we are intentionally triggered or gaslit, I personally hold no qualms about immediately turning that on the other person.  I may get angry, yes, but I will not allow you to put any of that crap on me.  I will not take responsibility for fulfilling your needs or for any pitfall you may have.  For a long time I looked at the outside world and internalized everyone’s issues but spit my own out on other people as well.  It wasn’t until I learned to do the opposite that I could really see how to address the issue at the source.  And that is something people don’t like to do either.  We like to band-aid what we THINK the issue is rather than address the wound.

This quote bothers me because it’s an oversimplification of the problem.  Yes, there is always self-control.  But you can’t continually poke a bear and not expect it to maul you.  Similarly, we can’t keep dumping our crap on people, our insecurities, our expectations, or even pointing their issues out to them and not expect some level of push back.  We are human and we do have limits.  I don’t want people to think that they need to constantly bear the brunt of other people and always be the bigger person.  There is a time for that but not at the expense of YOU.  I also don’t want people to feel shame for what they do.  There is a biological purpose for anger and it firmly and clearly establishes boundaries.  Anger doesn’t have to be the go-to response, but there is a time for it.  It is ALWAYS ok to set that boundary when someone continually pushes you.