Stair Step Decisions

Life can get overwhelming and this is just a short reminder that we don’t have to have it all figured out.  Maybe I’m telling myself this as a reminder as well.  But there are things that happen that may not make sense in the moment but come together later.  So if you’re struggling with making a decision right now, if life seems to be weighing you down, not making any sense, stop.  Look at what is immediately around you.  Look at what you can immediately resolve.  Look at what the next step you can take in that moment is.  You don’t need to project the entire staircase, you just need to illuminate the next step.  One step will lead to another, and another.  Take one simple step at a time to arrive at a decision.  Let the goal for the moment be finding calm, balance, stillness, ease, and peace rather than solving the entire problem at once. 

Our training is completely the opposite.  We are taught in a rapid-fire call and response fashion where you are deemed wrong if you can’t supply the answer immediately.  That also trains us with the assumption that there is only one right answer to a situation.  But when we learn the stair-step method, we see that there can be little off shoots we didn’t anticipate.  There are alternatives and different levels.  And there are other ideas that come into play to create an alternative solution.  Now, I’m not saying there aren’t clear-cut situations where we need to know what to do, but I’m saying the entirety of our lives doesn’t need to be a battle for correctness.  We can trust our knowing for when we need a quick answer or when we need to slow down for an alternative.  We don’t need to overwhelm ourselves with the entirety of the world’s knowledge, we just need to tune into our intuition. 

A Witch in The Midst–Or Negativity Bias

Last week we talked about the “poison” in side of us, the negative thoughts that seem to pop up in our minds with little or no say.  I’ve been having a particularly challenging time getting myself out of the negativity spiral, the negativity bias this past week.  It bothers me more because I’m aware of it and I hate the way it makes me feel, but also because I don’t want to project that to the world any longer.  For a while I thought the world was just happier if I was miserable—everyone seemed to be getting what they wanted and I would cheer for them while silently demanding my due. That, too, is a poison.  The ego demanding what we feel owed.  The truth is I’m human and I fall back into patterns just as easily as the next person.  This is partially discipline, yes, but it’s also about the years of training toward fear, martyrdom, projecting the terrible, etc. But something happened in the midst of all this that stopped me in my tracks.

A friend stopped by my office last week after not seeing each other for a month or so.  She immediately knew something was stewing in my brain—she said she could feel it radiating off of me.  I filled her in on the details of what happened, and now that she is outside the arena I’m in, she completely validated everything I was experiencing.  She then asked me why I was still in that environment and what I was doing to get out.  I explained the exact steps I’m taking toward a new decision and then I felt the words tumble out of my mouth, “I’m tired of waiting for what’s mine.  I’ve put in the time, I was told I would get x, I’m ready for it now.”  First of all, it felt great to actually get it out.  Secondly, as soon as I said it, my friend’s eyes lit up and she told me that was the problem.  She said I could no longer go around acting like I’m owed one particular thing.  She said I needed to be patient and relax into it. I freaked out even more because I’m tired of waiting, I told her.  She told me that is what’s pushing everything away.

She said all of this with love and kindness and absolute certainty.  She’s highly intuitive and sensitive and simply aware of herself—she’s so good with using those skills that we often dubbed her the witch because her knowing is so spot on.  Those are qualities I’ve only dabbled in so I have the ability to touch into that but I don’t use them as she does.  I knew she wouldn’t steer me wrong and she knew that I had to vent those frustrations—she also knows the environment I’m still stuck in.  So her words struck me differently this time.  Normally when I hear the phrasing, “Be patient” I lose my damn mind.  I am not naturally a patient person for nearly anything.  Of course I have my exceptions and know when to demonstrate patience, but there are certain things that will trigger me in seconds and certain things I have expectations on.  But instead of feeling angry when she said it, I felt weak.  I felt my body sag under years of watching people succeed at things I want in seconds while my timing needed to be perfect, years of waiting for my chance, years of being hated for my perfectionism and still not getting what I was promised.  The loneliness, the tiredness, the confusion. 

But what she said was right.  In order to move forward we have to let go of the weight we carry, and for me, that is holding onto the idea of the particular thing I’m owed.  I’m tired in the environment I’m in because the work isn’t aligned with who I am and I’m spending my days doing the same thing hoping for different results.  It’s exhausting.  I’m also fighting against people who have no clue what I do or the potential of the work I do.  While they project kindness and caring on a personal level, professionally they are for themselves and trying to make square pegs fit into round holes to their benefit and it doesn’t work like that.  It’s a daily struggle to be heard.  So it isn’t so much about what I’m owed, it’s about being seen for what I am.  It isn’t about being owed anything, it’s about being aligned.        

When these thoughts take over, in addition to practicing that patience, we need to remember how far we’ve come. In order to practice patience we need to know there is always something to be excited by.  Just because we aren’t seeing the outcome yet doesn’t mean something isn’t in the works.  It may not be what we think it should be, but there are pieces falling into place that may not make sense now but will become exceedingly clear as time goes on.  We can see our minds with clarity and prevent ourselves from getting whisked away by the thoughts and demands and the ego telling us what we feel.  We can let it go.  We don’t have to cling onto each thought that comes in our minds—we can let it float away and simply move on.  So, when we feel some negativity taking over, that may be a sign to simply stop and allow what needs to unfold, unfold.

Sunday Gratitude

Today I’m grateful for truth.  Not everything is as it seems but the truth is always the way to go.  I’ve been dealing with an uncomfortable situation for a while now involving a few friends of mine.  Something has been off and I couldn’t put my finger on it.  It felt like there was always more to the story.  I’ve recently been let in on some additional facts in the situation and, as the light makes its way through, more makes sense.  While the truth isn’t always pleasant, it’s always better to know than to not know.  I’m grateful to know.

Today I’m grateful for fun.  We all need to let loose and enjoy.  I’ve spent some time celebrating friends over the past few days.  We’ve had a significant amount of birthdays in the last week.  We spent time together appreciating what we have, reliving beautiful memories and making new ones.  It’s wonderful to recognize and appreciate the people we have in our lives.  I love letting them know I’m glad they are with me, that they are in my life.  It’s a wonderful feeling to be supported and to offer that support in return, to have hour long phone calls where you just GET each other.  I’m grateful for my people. 

Today I’m grateful for my own pace.  I tend to live my life like I’m juggling spinning plates.  I haven’t known any different, that’s always how I’ve operated.  It’s always been about go, go, go, and get things done, mark another thing off the list.  Recently, I’ve come to realize that I can’t keep up with the life I’ve been living.  This isn’t the pace I want to keep, and, quite frankly, it’s not what I want to do.  I’m tired of trying to find time for the things I want to do.  I’m tired of being tired.  So, as uncomfortable as it is to put things down that I normally do, for my own sanity and health, I know I have to.  Today was about feeling my way through the day.  No, it wasn’t how I normally do things, but I was able to do what I needed to do.  We have to listen to our bodies, our minds, and our souls.  They know when we need a break.

Today I’m grateful for connection with myself.  Continuing on my own pace, I needed to find a way to hear what I need.  I don’t listen as well as I could.  I’m great at hearing other people and recognizing what they need, but when it comes to myself, it’s a work in progress.  Today I took some time to just listen to my body.  I’ve known for the last few weeks that I needed to slow down, to take a break, and to focus on other things.  I haven’t managed to do as much of that as I needed to and my body nearly broke down.  So for today, I’m glad to hear what my body needed, even if it was laying on the couch for a few minutes. 

Today I’m grateful for connection with my husband.  Relationships are work.  They require time, attention, focus, devotion, and willingness to work toward something together.  It’s an odd thing to work on boundaries and connection at the same time but it’s totally necessary.  My husband knows I’ve been struggling lately and he doesn’t do well with emotional stress.  But he did his damndest to hear me out and to see things that were happening from my point of view.  He tried to talk me down, he helped me with pressure points on my body, he heard what my needs were.  It’s amazing that so much of connection, the challenges we face with communication can be resolved with open ears and an open heart.  That is the key to connection, and it paid in dividends today.

Today I’m grateful for peace.  I’m looking forward to some time off in a few weeks.  I can’t change what’s happening now or anything that happens until I’m off so I’m learning to allow. This is my greatest challenge: taking my hands off the wheel and allowing, trusting that everything is alright.  But I truly have no choice.  I don’t want to continue to drive myself crazy, fearing the future, complaining about things I can’t control in the present.  I want to clear my mind enough so I can make better decisions and work toward the future I envision.  The only way to do that is to invite peace in and the clarity that comes with it.  Clarity makes the options stand out and it makes the choice easier.  So, for sanity, for love, for a healthier future, I choose peace. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead!


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I pull cards every day and lately I’ve had a pattern of pulling cards that talk about compassion…every day.  It’s not unusual to pull similar cards a few days in a row, especially if there is a message the universe is trying to convey, but to pull it for so long, is a bit off.  The last week was one of the most difficult I’ve had due to physical stress and I felt incredibly alone during most of it.  I realized how powerful the mind is, and for some reason, after seeing so many messages on compassion, I started thinking that I couldn’t hold more compassion for people who didn’t give a damn about me.  And in that moment I realized that maybe the compassion needed was compassion for myself.  Maybe others didn’t see how much I’d been doing, maybe they didn’t see I was at the end of my rope—but I did.  I could give myself space and grace to take care of myself, to meet my needs, to appreciate what I’ve done.

We often go unappreciated in this world, I’m not unique in that.  I can handle not being appreciated mainly because I have a job to do—and not all jobs are about recognition in the form of accolades.  What I can’t tolerate is nearly killing myself because someone thinks I’m not doing enough.  I can’t tolerate my humanity being ignored.  I can’t tolerate my integrity or work ethic being questioned.  That type of judgement is detrimental to the character and has long-lasting implications if the wrong people hear someone’s thoughts or opinions on the matter—and we have no control over it.  But when the source of such information is found, then it’s time to stand up for yourself.  And finding your voice and standing up for yourself is a form of self-compassion as well. 

Compassion is the greatest form of self-care.  Holding space for ourselves the same way we would for others allows us to breathe.  It allows us to keep perspective on who we really are and to separate other’s opinions from reality.  I hate the idea that perspective is reality because we all know that isn’t true.  Just because we tell ourselves something doesn’t make it true—yes, I know it’s conflicting because I preach about mindset—but I’m not talking about how we feel, I’m talking about what actually happens.  Facts are facts in events, not what we think happens.  There’s a reason why eye-witnesses are deemed unreliable.  So, knowing the truth, feeling the truth, and allowing that space keeps us grounded and aligned with who we are.  We are human and we are allowed that space.  People don’t owe us anything and they aren’t the greatest source of truth, but if we can do that for ourselves then we are headed in the right direction. 

FAST Confidence

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One area of practice I want to focus on more throughout this year is confidence.  Confidence was always a sticking point, rather a point of lack, for me in terms of maintaining it.  I’d speak boldly but rarely take the action behind it.  There was always something undercutting me because of how short I am as well.  The truth is I’ve lived my entire life with constant commentary on my outward appearance and it was explicitly told to me multiple times that I am not fit for something simply because I’m short.  Regardless of my KNOWING what I was capable of, it turned into a constant game of proving myself rather than expressing my innate abilities in a productive way.  Genuine confidence isn’t bold or braggy, rather it is based in knowledge of self. It’s knowing purpose and making decisions without concern of other’s opinions—not things that would hurt others, but their thoughts of us. It takes practice to develop the kind of resilience and self-awareness. 

There is another perspective on this that looks more at how our confidence isn’t contingent on us.  Another lesson from Jay Shetty is on FAST Confidence.  He discusses how we don’t fail because of a personal flaw, but rather from one of four main reasons.  Those reasons shouldn’t deter us from seeing the good in ourselves, rather they show us places where we need to work or areas where we can make the decision to walk away and focus on something else.  Shetty talks about the FIT, the APPROACH, the SKILL, and the TIMING.  Often those four details determine a great deal more about our confidence and our timing than any implication on our character.  Knowing if we are the right fit for the environment, using the correct approach, knowing our skills are aligned with our purpose, and if the timing is right determine our success.       

In my case, I can’t change my outward appearance or how people perceive me, but I can focus on where things matter.  Am I the best fit?  Do I have the right approach?  Are my skills up to par?  Is this the right time?  If I’m the best fit then my outward appearance won’t matter.  If I’m using the correct approach then my words make the bigger impact than anything else.  If my skills can solve an issue, then I’m aligned with my purpose.  If all of those things align and are being used, and I’m actively contributing, then it’s the right time.  So, with keeping these four areas in mind to keep perspective, then it’s easier to develop authentic confidence because the focus is on the work and the purpose behind it.  Confidence doesn’t have to be about anything external.  It’s about knowing who you are. 

Should V. Could

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We are trained in a highly conflicted society.  We are told we need to do as we are told while also highlighting those who bend convention.  We are told we need to achieve material status and also stay grounded.  We are told that there are things we are meant to do (the shoulds) while still honoring what we want to do.  The truth is this sets every single one of us up for failure.  We can’t live two worlds where we are making everyone around us and ourselves happy, or fulfilling their needs and our own.  It’s no wonder why people are constantly in fear of missing out when we are connected 24/7 but we push distraction instead of productive connection.  When we have this bilateral thinking, the and/or, the have-to, the should type of thinking, we lose ourselves. 

This is when we need to stop the conflict in ourselves and create that foundation of who we are.  Jay Shetty talks about Should V. Could thinking.  It’s the use of intentional language to change your mindset.  When you ask what you should do versus what you could do, you get different answers.  Should is about guilt and obligation whereas could is about the opportunities and creative solutions in a situation.  The focus is entirely different.  We can create a list a mile long of what we should do from cleaning the house to solving world hunger, but the point is to learn what we CAN do.  We won’t solve all the world’s issues in one day but what can we do to bring us a step closer?  We can’t have total independence with switching one thought, but we CAN take one step toward that freedom. 

Just changing one word can change the outlook of your life.  It makes things feel less overwhelming because we are asking the question instead of demanding the answer.  Throw that pause in there as well and we learn to see all the options instead of the obligation.  The whole point in changing thought patterns as we’ve been discussing this week is to understand how we think and operate and how we can change that, understanding where we create our own drama and overwhelm.  Things we think we should do really aren’t that necessary.  The things we can do are limitless—or if not limitless, at least more abundant and defining of the situation.  Could keeps us open where should keeps us trapped to one way. 

This isn’t something that will come easily to many of us, especially those raised in guilt and people pleasing.  It’s not easy because we have to create space for ourselves that we never knew we were allowed to have.  We have to create space and grace that we held for others but never ourselves.  But the freedom that comes with could changes everything.  You learn you don’t need permission to do anything, there are simply other opportunities on the path.  With practice, could becomes easier.  Could opens doors and you learn to walk through them. 

Snap Decision, Detailed Analysis

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Following the discussion on changing our thoughts, we need to learn to recognize what thoughts habitually come to mind and how to be more selective in what we choose to think.  We are trained to make decisions quickly—survival/primal instinct, the need to be first, jumping on an opportunity.  We rarely think of the value in slowing down.  The world is so connected now that we have little opportunity to slow our pace—don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful thing to have the access we do, but we still operate like it’s a commodity.  We still behave as if our decisions are based on what’s best for us alone instead of working together.  We miss the mark when we use old thinking or old patterns of behavior.  We need to remember the value in slowing down.

This is another pattern that takes time to get comfortable with, to develop.  We don’t need to be first, we need to learn to make the decision that is right.  We are familiar with the idea that just because that’s how it was always done doesn’t mean we have to keep doing it that way.  Often we do it that way simply because that was how the first person to get there did it.  Time changes, we evolve, and there are other ways to do things that may be more efficient or streamlined or safer.  This also ties into something we’ve talked about: the value of the pause. 

I don’t claim it’s an easy thing to do because we are designed to follow the path of least resistance.  We are designed to follow patterns.  The key is realizing when those patterns aren’t cutting it any longer.  We were gifted with instinct and intuition based on feeling and those are the things that will tell us when something is off.  That’s when we know we need to pay attention because there’s a chance that there’s a different way.  Look at the goal and ask if there’s a way we can achieve it while maintaining balance in our lives.  Is there a way to achieve more than one goal at once?  Are there resources we hadn’t previously tapped into?  Are there people who can help we hadn’t thought of?  Sometimes it’s as simple as sharing our idea. 

There’s a time and place for quick thinking but there are more opportunities for detailed thought, purposeful thinking than we give ourselves time for.  Time is an illusion and when we rush we create waste.  Clearly I’m not talking about emergent situations, we need the ability to do both critical thought and detailed planning, but I’m talking about removing unnecessary stress from making rapid fire decisions all day.  We have room to breathe.  It’s amazing the space that becomes available when you allow it.  When you make room for it, time can enter your life because the things that are important to you take priority.  It’s safe to slow down.  We aren’t designed to operate at high speeds 24/7.  Take your time.       

Poison Inside

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Mindset is something we’ve discussed often here.  Normally I stick with the concepts of maintaining a positive mindset and choosing positive thoughts.  Today I want to talk about the other side—the engrained negative thought patterns that seem to creep up before we are even aware of them.  It’s important to address this because part of learning to make more positive thought choices is understanding our thought patterns.  A negative mindset is poison inside.  It deteriorates how we see the world and how we feel about the world. It changes how we feel about ourselves and others. It alters how we make decisions.  If we operate from a place of fear and scarcity, that is what we will see and what we receive.  If we operate from a place of belief and opportunity, that is what we will see and what we receive. 

In doing the healing work, I’ve recognized the negative tendency in my mind.  I would cough and automatically assume I’m dying.  My son would get sick and I’d picture him dying too, same with my husband.  I’d make a mistake at work and I’d be losing my job.  This is the disease of perfection and the trap of throw-away culture.  It suggests that if things aren’t perfect we need to dispose of them.  While we logically know that isn’t the case, we often find ourselves in that habit.  We often fail to give space for learning and growth and that closes us in.  That fosters the idea of perfection further and that creates fear around everything when it isn’t perfect.  Couple it with a negative focus, always looking for the bad, and you’re set up for a rough go of it.  Negative thoughts can destroy the body, mind, and soul.  I’ve had digestive issues my whole life, fear and anxiety, and a distinct lack of trust/faith in the universe…I know I’m not alone.   

The good news is we are fully capable of taking control of these thoughts.  It takes a ton of work and conscious effort, but it is attainable.  Studies have shown the power of changing thoughts showing that changing our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors express new proteins in the body.  New thoughts change our internal environment, creating a healthier internal system that functions better.  Thoughts aren’t just about feeling better, it’s about actually functioning better as well.  This is something that should give us all great hope.  We have the opportunity to change how we see the world, how we feel about the world, not just on the surface level, but internally.  We can change the thought pattern and come up with a different result. 

The first step is understanding how your mind currently functions.  What does it do now, what are your tendencies, what are your beliefs.  I’m not talking about what you’ve learned or been told to believe, I’m talking about what you intrinsically believe, what you viscerally feel and know in you.  If that comes from a negative place, then you’re in trouble.  I know that because I was there.  There are days I’m still there.  But once we see how bad these negative thoughts are for us, we have to know that we are capable of making a different choice.  What was lost can be found, what was causing harm can be turned for good.  The brain is a powerful tool and we can program the messaging it delivers to the body.  Don’t let your thoughts poison you. 

Subtract When You Add

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I’m one of those people who feels like they can do it all, all the time.  It was literally in my upbringing that we don’t say no regardless of our personal needs—in fact I was trained to pretty much keep all of my time open in case someone needed me for something.  We planned one vacation a year and the rest of the time you never took time off if you needed it, not even if you were sick.  You did things as you were told when you were told.  That meant over committing in a lot of circumstances or doing things you didn’t want to do.  It was 100% about being liked and perceived as reliable.  Asking for help was selfish, not to be reciprocated.  So that type of life meant learning to do what I wanted for myself on my own, and many times I would fail to see it through because the habit of finishing other people’s things or meeting their expectations always took precedence. 

As I’ve aged, the habit of people pleasing is still there and it’s super easy to fall back into it.  The positive is that I’m aware of it now.  I also realized that the overwhelm happens when there are things you simply can’t do or don’t want to do and you force yourself to do them.  Now, I’m not advocating for selfishness in terms of making sure everything you do is for you, I’m advocating for balance.  There are simply some things we have to do but we don’t need to sacrifice what we want.  I’ve learned that life is about give and take, push and pull, adding and subtracting.  There are moments we won’t be able to do it all—physically or mentally we simply can’t.  So if there is something that needs to be done, regardless of what or who for, then something else can not be done.  Similarly, if there is a new project you’re taking on, then there are other things you can’t take on. 

This is about subtracting when you add.  It’s removing the extraneous that no longer serves before taking on something else.  It’s about prioritizing what matters and sticking with it—not out of guilt but out of what fits and makes sense in your life.  It’s simple physics, we can’t do it all and we know this, but so many of us still try whether it is from guilt or determination or proving.  It’s great to have goals but being everything to everyone doesn’t need to be one of them because you lose yourself in the process.  It’s healthy to push ourselves and it’s even healthier to know our boundaries and enforce them.  You don’t need to prove anything to anyone, you just need to secure your own happiness, no matter what that looks like.  Don’t overwhelm yourself for the sake of others.  Take the time you need, know what you need, and stick with that.  It all balances out in the end.

Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for healing.  We’ve had a bug in the house again and it hit pretty hard this time around.  Tummy issues abound for weeks for my little one.  It finally hit me and it knocked me down.  I’d been struggling with some respiratory issues previously, but the stomach thing was enough to lay me out for over 12 hours.  I’d been pushing myself for too long and I just couldn’t take it anymore.  That time on the couch made me feel better, though.  Rest is productive, that’s the biggest reminder for when we need to slow down: rest is productive.

Today I am grateful for bringing some joy.  We made an unannounced trip out to my family today.  We shared memories of the past from three different generations and looked at pictures from all of those times.  It’s amazing how quickly time passes but how tangible the past can be through discussion and photos.  It was such a privilege to bring those photos to the family and talk about them and what they meant to everyone.  Memories of different times, and more importantly, reminders to cherish the time we have together.  Times may be different now, family isn’t what it was, responsibilities are different—but we can always make time for family.  In the end it’s all we have. 

Today I am grateful to come to some peace.  I’ve shared often that it doesn’t take much to get me worked up.  I have an overactive mind and am highly sensitive/emotional.  I’ve also been highly trained as a people pleaser so I’m skilled with reading people and taking on their emotions.  So when we started cleaning today, things started spiraling.  As with any home, when you see one issue, a dozen more are hiding somewhere and ours is no exception.  With the way my mind goes to worst case scenario and the very real issues we found, I started to spiral in my mind as well as with the house.  I’m not sure how, but something pulled me out of that tailspin and told me that everything is going to be alright.  Something told me to just relax and approach one thing that I CAN do right now rather than all the things that will be coming.  That helped significantly.  We can’t take it all on at once but we can do one thing at a time and I really needed that reminder today. 

Today I am grateful to clean.  Not a new one, but today it was definitely needed.  In spite of the issues we found while cleaning, I’m so grateful we did.  I’m not a neat-freak, I let clutter accumulate (partially procrastination, partially laziness, partially anxiety, partially reminders of what I need to do), my schedule makes it incredibly difficult to find a reasonable time to clean—I’m already up at 3:45am-4:15am to work on some projects I have going, I get the house ready for the day, then I have to work all day and I’m not home until nearly 6:00pm 5 days a week.  Throw in my kid’s school projects and my husband’s insane hours, it is truly hard to find the time to do a proper clean.  Some people can make it work and more power to them-it just doesn’t work for me.  So, I am grateful that we got down to tackling the house today.  I feel all the better for it.

Today I am grateful to find beauty.  This is something I could share every day.  There is beauty everywhere, you just need to keep it in sight.  On the philosophical side of things, life is the most beautiful gift that we have.  What a freakin’ miracle that we are even here.  Statistically we made it just by existing.  The fact that we get to call this place, this floating blue ball our home, while we rocket through space, revolving around a star that keeps us perfectly safe and sustains us, is pretty damn mind-boggling.  So when I get overly emotional, I really don’t want to hold that back any longer.  It’s a gift and we need to remember that.  Hawks, rabbits, the sky, cuddling with my child, spending time with my husband, seeing my family, hearing their stories.  ALL of it is beautiful.  Don’t take the beauty in your life for granted—celebrate it with everything you have.  We need more reckless celebration of life these days.

Today I am grateful to come out of my shell.  With the beauty of life is trying new things, putting ourselves out there.  When the old ways don’t work or when we want something new, we need to try something new.  That may not work either, but the point is to see what there is out there.  I’m grateful to have the opportunity to try new ways of sharing, to try new ways of communicating and connecting.  There is literally no point in holding anything back.  When we let the full light of who we are out of ourselves and into the world, we ignite a firestorm of magic on the world.  That’s something we also need more of.  Appreciation of who we are and what our gifts are.  A coming to terms with our authentic identity and loving that person whole-heartedly.  We, too, are beautiful and something to celebrate.  Don’t hide.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.