Comfort On The Bench

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“Change your thinking because if you keep doing the same thing you will get the same result.  Think of who you are and who you want to become.  Who do you want to become because your behavior must be consistent with who you want to be.  Figure out who you are and go for it.  Only the bold go from ordinary to extraordinary…Our comfort zone isn’t a good bench mark,” Loren Ridinger.  I wanted to throw this in this week as a reminder that often what we are seeking is familiarity.  The familiar feels good, it’s safe, it’s known—but it doesn’t necessarily get us where we want to be.  What we think, we become and that is what materializes around us. Everything in our current reality is the result of the thoughts we had to bring it there.  When we think the same things over and over again, the same results keep showing up.  When we start to feel the urge to change or that things aren’t quite working out, that’s a sign that something needs to change with our thinking as well.

Don’t rely on what you know to get you where you want to be.  What we know is the marker of where we’ve been, it isn’t the way forward.  Yes, it can give us knowledge, yes, it gave us the experience, but it isn’t the roadmap to what comes next.  There is so much to accomplish in this world and we can accomplish anything we can think of as long as we have the drive to do it.  Make sure we’re going for what calls to us, what aligns with who we are.  Dare to dream big because there is more than can be seen.  Feel our way into what we know.  Feel our way into what comes next.  Trust that we have what it takes. The truth is we are all born with that knowledge, that belief that anything is possible, but we are stripped of that belief quickly and told to trust what we can see, not what we feel.  Our instinct is to go toward safety, not necessarily repeating the same thing.  Our species wandered for ages before we built homes.  We understood home was inside of us and we trusted our knowing.  Comfort wasn’t the goal. 

Just remember that we have the ability to do amazing things and that we were gifted with the ability to adapt.  We were gifted with creativity and knowing.  We can’t allow the world to tell us who we are supposed to be because they have forgotten who they are.  The safety provided by the outside is fragile at best and can be taken away.  When we learn to provide for ourselves and to connect with source, we create a flow of safety an abundance in our own lives.  We aren’t reliant on anyone else and we aren’t reliant on the same thing over and over again.  We seek production and purpose over comfort—that focus changes the direction of our lives.  I used to think that bold was audacious or arrogant, now I understand what Loren means: being bold is about taking power back to create the life we want.  Bold is being our own creator and savior.  Bold is putting new perspective on old ways of thinking.  If we can do that, the extraordinary happens.     

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