Body Work

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I want to get back to the body today.  Last week we spoke about taking care of the body and I came across another perspective on this: we need to take care of the body so we have the energy to take care of our dreams.  We are spiritual creatures in a body and that means our spiritual needs should come first, those needs are our purpose and how we bring light and energy to the world.  However, we are in a vessel that needs care and love too.  Without the appropriate energy, we aren’t able to make any progress either.  This includes misplaced energy and focus as well—we can go throughout the day hopping from thing to thing but if none of those things are related to our purpose we will still be exhausted and unfulfilled. 

As spiritual beings our dreams need to be nourished and that means tending to the energy we have in our lives.  Our bodies cover such an array of activities, most of them automatic that I think we need a moment to simply appreciate what our bodies already do.  Hell, yes, BODIES!!  Thank you for keeping us moving.  Thank you for breathing.  Thank you for keeping the fluids moving.  Thank you for thinking.  Thank you for allowing energy to flow in us and experience tactile feelings, thoughts, sight, smell, and hearing.  Thank you for the ability to move and create.  Those are precious gifts and the proper utilization of them allows us to fulfill our deeper needs and the purpose we are really here.

When we start to shift toward self-care, it can feel unnatural at first.  We believe we need to prove our worth and earn our time every step of the way.  We forget the inherent worth we are built with, the potential we have to make changes.  This isn’t a society that professes personal change or support—we want technological advancement so we are distractable.  When we look at how other cultures function and process and interact with each other shows that there are other ways of being.  We are meant to experience and live life, not wait for the right moment.  Life is what we are doing right now.  Life is comprised of dreams and possibilities and hope and faith and action.  All of those things are equally important and we are all equally deserving of having that purpose fulfilled.  Honor who we are, fulfill our purpose.  Live this life with relish and love and take care of the vessel that allows you to do so.

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