Too Much

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I don’t want to pretend that keeping in alignment is easy.  Our daily lives consist of habits YEARS upon years in the making.  Our neural pathways become entrenched with the same data we’ve entered for years and that is the pattern it KNOWS.  As smart as our super-computer brains are, they tend to follow the path of least resistance, so if we put bad habits in, we will get bad habits out.  I digress.  When we recognize those “bad” habits or simply something we want to change, we need to know a couple of things: 1. It will take constant effort to remember the action we are learning, and it will require focus, and we will forget over and over again until we form those new neural pathways.  2. When we change ourselves, we are changing our lives as well as those around us.  When we see ourselves differently, people see us differently as well.  It’s not a labeled thing in terms of good or bad, but it’s something that deters people from sticking to their word and they fall off the wagon so to speak.

This side of maintaining integrity is the fact that others will view you as too much.  Not that we can control how people view us, but when people label us as “different than we used to be” or can’t seem to relate any longer, it feels lonely and that’s when old habits slip back in.  Think about those who inspired you to change: there was a power, a magnetic draw to SOMETHING about them.  People who live by their word and follow through operate differently than the majority.  They are in touch with themselves in a way others aren’t and it shows, it radiates off of them.  They have a goal and they intend to see it through, no excuses, and some don’t know how to interpret that.  Integrity, honesty, vulnerability for holding ourselves accountable can be seen as threatening to others because those people aren’t in that space yet.  I’m talking about the space of accountability for actions and being ready to level up.

Criticism is usually a bit challenging to swallow even on a good day.  We all know those people who blush at any praise as much as they do when they’re frustrated.  When our actions are criticized we internalize it as some reflection of our identity.  When our identity is noted as “different” or “changing” it’s easy to feel isolated and want to join the crowd.  Don’t do it.  While it’s initially uncomfortable to stand on our own, to stand in who we are and be seen, it feels much better than having to go with the crowd.  Like anything, it takes practice.  Those around you who note these changes will adapt.  And if you are too much for some, you are just right for others. At the end of the day, what matters is if you are right for yourself.  What feels right to you?  Do you know who you are and are you ready to let that person out? 

It’s never really about being too much or too little, it’s about how your authentic self makes others feel.  Not everyone is comfortable letting their light shine, and if yours gets a little too bright then it starts showing the shadows other people try to hide.  Some simply aren’t ready for that to be seen or to address it.  Shine anyway.  Let your gifts out and share them with the world.  Feel good about who you are and know the world needs more of that light.  There can never be too much light on a spiritual plane, and whether we like to admit it or not, we are spiritual creatures.  We need each other, we need connection.  What better way to connect than with our true selves?  That’s not too much, it never can be.  So shine on, friends.  Share that light. 

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