Milky Ways and Revelations

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My boss always has a bountiful supply of candy around for us to pick through if we need a pick me up during the day.  I visited her stash the other day and pulled a few bite-size bars out for later use—my own mini-stash of candy if you will.  Activity of the day overwhelmed me and I knew I had saved a Milky Way for this exact moment, but when that moment hit, the Milky Way was no where to be found.  I spent at least a minute looking through the drawer trying to find this delectable bite of candy that I KNEW I had. I brushed the garbage can with my chair as I turned around and saw the familiar little wrapper in the garbage.  I couldn’t remember eating it for the life of me but I was absolutely the only one in my office, and certainly the only one who knew where I had put that candy so it had to be me.  After my initial concern about why I didn’t remember eating it, a thought hit me: blind action is as bad if not worse than no action.  I’m not doing what I said I would do as far as my health. 

Yesterday we talked about remembering our worth in the context of how we communicate with people and how we are perceived, specifically how we feel about ourselves and the stories we tell ourselves dictate how we behave.  When we operate out of integrity, we move further from the goal.  So…not remembering eating a candy bar tells me that eating the candy has become so innate, so second nature, that I’m not paying attention to what I’m consuming.  I know the bottom line of success is maintaining our authentic values, keeping that integrity in our actions and that requires total honesty and asking tough questions.  If I want to be different, if I want success, what am I doing differently and how am I drawing success to me?  How much time am I spending on social media? How much time am I spending complaining about the same thing?  Am I doing any result producing activities to draw me closer to my goal?  How much time do I REALLY have?  We have to make honest choices, and the truth is we always know what the honest choice is: if you want to be healthy, you’d know how many candy bars you ate. 

Honest conversation with self requires establishing trust with ourselves by being honest about what we do and who we say we are.  Kobe Bryant called it honoring the contract we make with ourselves. Follow through is what makes the difference.  We have to know that our ability is enough to support ourselves and that we will see it through, do what it takes to make it happen.  We are often taught that our word to other people is what matters—our word to ourselves matters as much if not more.  When we establish that belief in who we say we are and know how to navigate there, that foundation is set.  This is all part of caring for ourselves.  We can’t make progress if our energy is scattered.  If our actions do something different than our words, then the universe can’t make heads or tails of what you’re saying or doing because the vibration doesn’t match.   

Life is about consumption and creation.  The alchemy of taking in material and producing something else.  It’s a magical world out there and we are virtually limitless.  The mind has no limit whatsoever, the rest is on us.  We stop ourselves through those blind activities, those distractions, those behaviors that are so engrained that we don’t realize we’re doing them.  Working through my own behavior has shown me exactly how much is in my control in this world.  I know how much I used to blame others for where I’m at.  That is such a misuse of power, the energy that we are gifted.  Sometimes we feel it simply because we aren’t where we want to be in life.  Other times it’s not being able to find the damn Milky Way you knew you were saving.  Take the time to consume thoughtfully and ask if it’s aligned with your goal, how you want to feel—and it’s not just food.  Think about the company you keep, the things you watch, the way you feel.  You are worthy of your dreams and goals—make sure you’re honest about how to get there.

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