The Light In Me And You.

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“I did something that made people present their best selves to me wherever I go,” Jim Carrey.  A great follow up from Saturday, we begin the week thinking about presenting our best selves because when we allow our best selves to be seen, we bring that out in others.  Several weeks ago I mentioned attending a conference and this happened to be the topic then.  I relished it but also thought, “Can it be that simple?”  It’s not so much about being the best or doing the best—it’s about finding the best in you and bringing your best to the situation.  The human spirit responds to effort, to the feeling that someone gives a damn, and that they are understood.  If we feel good, we can do good.

Look, life isn’t easy.  We face challenges every day as we navigate through the rat race/matrix/mundane or whatever you choose to call it.  We are taught and believe those things are simply the way life is, that this is what we do because we’ve always done it.  But if we start looking at what we do as an expression of ourselves, that changes the narrative and the choices we make.  If we make choices about our lives that reflect our truest desires and insights, suddenly the idea of “making it” in a way that the outside deems successful seems less important.

When we care about each other and we learn from each other, we communicate better, we feel better, and we do better.  All of that starts from the inside, though.  We’ve talked about this many times: in order to do your best, you have to bring your best out which means listening to the inner workings of your soul.  It means being aligned with what you KNOW is right for you and letting go of the should’s, the must’s, the have-to’s.  When we find our highest self, our best self, that light shines on the world differently and it has no choice but to cast light on those around you.  We find inspiration in those doing something different, those doing the things we want to do.

It takes massive courage to follow that inspiration and cast aside the mask we’ve been taught to create, curate, and perfect over the years.  People interpret that action as not caring for the rules or not fitting in.  To a degree that is the truth: when we let down the opinions of others, we state clearly that we value our true form more than the idea people are supposed to have of us and that we no longer live by arbitrary rules.  The more we do that, the more people SEE who we are.  If we manage to navigate beyond those initial opinions, we settle into the comfort of our light instead of what we can show people we’ve done.  We just shine and we light the way for others to be their best as well.  Shine on! 

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