How People Change

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“People change in four different seasons, when they hurt enough that they have to, when they see enough they’re inspired to, when they learn enough they want to, and when they receive enough they’re able to,” John C. Maxwell.  How amazing is that?  We used to break down change in terms as simple as people change when they are ready and people don’t change unless they want to.  Looking at the additional ebb and flow of human emotion, Maxwell’s quote seems to ring a bit closer to the truth.  Change is a natural part of life and, yes, humans can only truly change if they want to.  We always have the choice to go back to who we are.  But there is more impetus to change than we let on.  It isn’t just about shedding the old skin.  Change is an integration of who we are and what we know, an allowing of what we know to evolve into something more, a becoming embracing the entirety of our being.  We don’t wake up suddenly a new person, although that spark can happen in an instant.  We change when the discomfort, no matter the cause, is so great we can lon longer stay as we are.

As humans in a comsumerist society, we are trained that discomfort is a bad thing and that we need things to eas the comfort of our lives, or rather, to make our lives more comfortabl eto ease the pain.  Sometimes pain is there as a means to move forward.  It’s a means to create and become who you are meant to be.  It says that we aren’t what we once were, that we are meant for something greater, and to do that we have to do different things.  Change also comes from a desire, a need to be something other than what we are.  When we know there is more out there, when our view expands, when new ideas show us other avenues, we are willing to walk a new path.  Change comes from learning.  Going further into seeing other views, knowing that we are part of a much larger scale allows us to open to new ways of bringing our skills and ideas to the page.  It teaches us to integrate our thoughts into the macro and maybe make things better for everyone.  And yes, change also comes when we have enough resources that we are able to.  No matter how strong the desire or urge, there are simply some changes we can’t make without appropriate resources. 

In each of those seasons, we can always opt out as I mentioned above.  We can choose to continue on the path that we know or that we were told to know, or we can allow the change to happen.  The first step is to stop pretending things that don’t matter, matter to you.  When you feel dissatisfied or discontent with your life, wake up and ask a different question: Why?  Yes, always persist with gratitude, but open to the curiosity of why we do what we do.  If you know the why, you can shift.  Look for the season you are in and understand it.  Allow the lesson of the time you are in to wash over you and use it to move forward.  And in all of these ways, change can happen in any moment.  When we feel the spark and choose to follow it, whenw e understand how our toughts and actions create the life we live, that is when change happens.  Isn’t that amazing? 

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