Don’t Rot Your Life Away

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“Everything you gain in life will rot and fall apart, and all that’s left is what’s in your heart,” Jim Carrey.  As dark as this sounds, this is oddly comforting.  In the process of change, there is the recognition of the beauty around us, the topic we’ve been on this week.  But there is also the process of recognizing the temporary nature of it all.  That our goals to be seen and recognized, to gain and attain, to leave a mark on the world really have such little meaning.  In the big picture, when we look at the sheer odds of our being here, of the amount of people it took to get us here, the fact that we survived and arrived at this time is a miracle.  That in itself is worth more than anything that can be bought.  I think part of the fascination we have with things is that things can last longer than we can.  It’s a mark of what we’ve done.  Things also show that we’ve been here.

But life IS temporary.  Those things fall apart just the same as we do.  Nothing is meant to last forever.  I think that is why there is such reverence for those articles, the physical reminders of the past.  It is a reminder of another time, the humanity of that day and age, of what we knew back then.  But how remarkable it is that we can take that information and consciously choose to do something with it today.  How amazing that we can make choices about how we want to shape the course of life.  None of that comes from what we have, it comes from what we do.  It comes from the mark we leave on the hearts of others, not the mark we make on the physical plane.  It’s what we leave behind in the minds of those around us, what we spark in those around us to inspire a new way, a new idea.

Carrey isn’t speaking in a negative or dark sense.  He is speaking to the idea of changing perception.  Perhaps it is the same action, but with a different focus, that action has a different meaning.  It’s about your presence and connecting with people as opposed to achieving a status symbol. It isn’t necessarily about what is seen, it’s how we are seen, and more importantly, what is felt in that presence.  In terms of legacy, Carrey simply means don’t worry about what it looks like you did, do something that serves the greater purpose of our being here.  That is what you want to leave behind.  That is what you want to share with the world, those with you now and the future who will not see you physically.  The legacy is what you leave behind for those you haven’t met yet. Make that legacy one from the heart.

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