Mirrors Lie, and People Do Too

Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

I looked at my reflection and thought, “Wow, it looks like I’m thinning out in my face, why do my clothes still feel so tight?”  I’ve had that feeling often when I see myself and think I look a certain way only to find I look nothing like that—or I don’t feel good with what I ultimately chose.  I’d be excited to wear something or it initially felt really good, and then a few minutes or a few hours later I’d be so uncomfortable, or I’d see myself again from a different angle and feel awful about myself.  That led me to thinking the mirror isn’t always accurate.  It plays tricks on the mind and depending on the shape, light, angle, etc., it isn’t the whole truth.  Friends, the same goes for people.  Yes, it’s human nature to engage in various degrees of lying—for protection, for lack of knowledge, for personal experience that doesn’t match—but that means the same rules of the mirror apply to people too.  They aren’t seeing the whole picture and they can make us feel like we don’t fit based on what they are seeing.  The outside view is so limited.

Human nature is a funny thing.  We want to be with others but we also want to get what we want.  For some, that turns into a manipulation of energy and a need to always be right which creates superficial relationships.  Some people never grow out of that.  While the interaction or relationship initially feels genuine, there is something behind it.  Then there are those who overtly seek energy from others.  I’m actually not going to say to avoid either type of person.  I’m going to tell you to develop your radar and to learn about your boundaries.  I’m also going to tell you to remember who YOU are and how to keep the reality of your mind and your purpose at the forefront of your thoughts.  That’s how you navigate those challenges and working with people—by staying centered in yourself and remembering everyone comes from a different level of experience.  Not everyone is you.

No one can ever see the full depths of us—our brains are amazing machines and capturing each moment is nearly impossible.  Plus we haven’t really mastered mind reading yet, just saying.  We can’t expect people to understand each and every angle of the thoughts running through our minds and we aren’t able to do that for others, either.  We aren’t meant to do that because we are meant to communicate and work with each other and LEARN.  We are meant to take the pieces of our knowledge and experience and put it together with other’s knowledge and experience.  Sometimes it takes a while for those pieces to fall together properly.  We can’t let the initial appearance deter us from doing the work or approaching people.  Think about relationships—there are some people you’d never think would go together and they last forever and then there are some who you’d think are perfect together and it all falls apart.  The same is said of the mirror and people’s opinions.

If we keep going long enough on our path and remain authentic to ourselves and maintain our values, then we may find that right balance in relationships with people.  The right opportunities find us, the energy finds us, and we align with the experiences that work best with our values and goals.  Don’t allow someone’s opinion to stop you from going for what you’re meant to achieve if you feel that purpose pulling you.  Don’t let the image of how we look stop us, either, because eyes can see things incorrectly.  Our perception is designed to keep us alive, not tell the story of who we are.  And our perception will tell stories if we don’t keep ourselves in line every now and then.  So remember that what we see isn’t the whole truth, and how we feel is often more important.  Our viewpoints can change with enough perspective—so can how we feel.  Go with how you feel.

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