Seeking Beauty

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“Beauty helps people start to dream again,” Bill Strickland.  What better way to continue the theme of gentleness than to talk of beauty?  Now, don’t get me wrong, there is beauty in the dark moments, in finding strength as well, but sometimes we need to recognize when being gentle and letting go is the true strength.  It isn’t about what we can pile on and carry, it’s what we put down as no longer ours.  The opening quote was used in reference to beauty as a stop thought.  When you’re having a rough moment and feeling stuck or angry or sad, pause and look around you to find something beautiful.  It interrupts the negative train of thought when we appreciate our surroundings and purposefully find something that brings us to awe.  Awe is that feeling of our place in the universe, recognizing both our strength and fragility at once.  Knowing how small we are yet being the captain of our own ship.

Beauty comes in when we find something to appreciate that place in the universe, when we find a profound respect for what we have and what we are capabale of as humans, as individuals, and collectively.  It surprises us and reminds us that we are connected at the deepest level to each other, this planet, every living thing, and then the stars, galaxies, and universes beyond us.  Our bones tell the story of a universe built on the power of stars that exploded into fragments and stood up to create entire worlds from the pieces.  Look at what we can do, look at what we are.  We’ve creatd this energy of proving and fighting and clawing to the top as if that is what life is.  Life, my friends is in the being, it’s in the doing.  It’s not in the achieving or gaining or taking. 

Beauty is in the walks I take to move my body.  It’s in taking time to build legos with my kid.  It’s in holding him a few minutes longer before getting ready for the day.  It’s in many of the same things I mentioned yesterday that require gentleness in our lives.  But it’s more than seeking beauty, it’s in the purpose of it.  It’s in the resetting of the brain to remember that fragility and that what we have is a gift.  Life is a gift.  If we feel stagnant or lost then do nothing.  Just pause and take in what you have around you.  The mess, the chaos, the story that is your life.  Maybe you’re one of those who has a perfectly organized life, manicured, and aesthentically pleasing—that’s beautiful too even if that isn’t my season right now.  I’m in the beauty of growth, in the dirt pushing through it all, climbing toward what is meant for me.  Right now it’s mess and clutter and clothes all over and dishes in the sink and animals scratching furniture and books all over the place and piles of things to do, but it’s my life and I love it.  I’m guiding myself toward more of it.

Beauty isn’t about perfection, it’s about finding perfection in what is.  Seeing that beauty in what IS opens the door to what can be.  There are so many magical gateways in this world.  States of mind that take us to the next level, much further than control and demanding and perfection ever will.  Beauty is one of them.  Gratitude, appreciation, acceptance, creativity, flow, all of those things move us closer to who we are meant to be, closer to other possibilities.  So beauty is more than a pleasing aesthetic.  It’s an honoring of creativity and who we are.  It is remembering what we are at our core and allowing that to explode into the pieces that will also become a new world, a new way of looking at things.  We are pure, divine magic, and when we see beauty in something, in others around us, we see it in ourselves as well.  There is a reason beauty gives us pause.  It’s to reflect on what we are through what we see, the image we give.  Find the beauty!

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