Detour, Not Derailed

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“Even the unexpected, the unwanted, the roadblocks and detours, they are happening in perfect orchestration for your soul’s expansion,” Ashmi Path.  There are moments it feels like it took me forever to get where I am.  There are moments it still feels like I’m miles from where I want to be.  I experience frustration thinking of time I wasted or thinking that I’ve put in so much effort, my “reward” should be here by now.  But the truth is, even if I have to REALLY dig down to the core of the matter, I can admit that everything I’ve been through is leading me where I need to go on the trajectory of my life today.  Yes, I’m frustrated that it took me so long to get here—I’m naturally impatient and a recovering perfectionist—because I think of the time missed simply enjoying the live I’m looking for. 

Ashmi goes on to say that there are signs and messages and reasons in everything we experience, observe, and feel.  It’s all there for our benefit even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment.  For years I’ve wanted to share my writing consistently and I constantly struggled to find time to do it.  Time forced me out of my comfort zone and I found new ways to make time to ensure I do this every day.  I realized in order to do it, I simply had to DO it.  The fight my husband and I had several months ago was one of the most painful moments in my life, emotionally.  Now that I’ve sought different help from a variety of people, I know that it truly was for the best.  I’ve learned to reclaim the energy I directed at his actions and put it toward my own—and that has made a huge difference. 

The universe gives us what we need, not what we want.  It responds to us, not who we say we want to be.  Sometimes the two align—who we say we want to be and the energy we put out—that is when we are most in touch with our authentic selves and our purpose.  The way to get more in touch with that is to simply increase your awareness of the present.  The more present we are, the longer the present rides out in one long wave.  Like a ride, the track goes up and down and we can go with it.  The key is to trust that everything already exists, it’s already done.  That is when we let go of the worry and walk with ease knowing the results are assured in spite of any obstacles.  We learn that those things were merely redirections toward the goal.  Welcome it all—this is life.

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