The Good, The Bad, The Future and AI?

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What a gift to have nothing but time to ponder our existence and wonder why we are here.  To play and dream and make the most of every day.  To love and dream and create  the life we want.  I thought of this as I was looking at a progression of people through history.  There was a time when the privileged of society were literally paid to sit around and converse and think and produce patterns of thought.  To think about existence and what it means, the purpose.  There are still people who do this today, but we don’t hold those positions n the same regard we did.  At the time, the salon or parlor was a place of intellectual curiosity and that’s how the world got answers to things it was looking for.  Now everyone shares their thoughts in 140 characters or less, in 5-10 second videos, where we try to punch home a point without any context.

Honestly, I relish the idea of a parlor filled with great conversation and discussion of the events of the day and the implication and planning to make things better, or simply enforce a change in the world.  I think we still have that goal but we are going about it incorrectly.  I follow several business leaders and they’ve been talking about the use of ChatGPT and other AI to create content.  My heart sank as they shared the advantages of using this technology.  Here’s the thing: people are becoming so focused on freeing up time and doing things quickly that we aren’t looking at the quality of the content.  Fine, an AI can create a quality piece of work and match a tone, but it isn’t real.  We are starting to devalue the place of the written word and the humans behind it.  We are literally taking the need for thought out of creation.  Now, that isn’t to say I’m opposed to evolution and the need for things to change, but I am opposed to taking the human element out of creation.

Words are incredibly powerful tools and we have consistently been devaluing their place.  We want shortened this and quicker that, and limited characters, and getting to the point as quick as possible.  We no longer relish the time to discuss and think.  Now, I’m well aware that our days look vastly different than they did 100 years ago, 150 years ago.  But that means we need to evolve with it. That doesn’t mean we lose the values we had previously.  I take my content creation personally and that means taking the time to develop my thoughts and use my language and tone in a way that matches me, not what a computer thinks I sound like.  Again, I recognize this as a pain point for some people, it makes sense.  But I do not want technology to do my thinking for me.  The execution of a task, sure, I can live with that because there are always other ways to do things, but my mind, my soul, and the intent behind it, can not be replaced with technology.  Let’s gather our thoughts, shall we?

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