Give it Your All

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I read something uncredited the other day that said, “Give it your absolute all.  Wouldn’t want to know what would happen?”  And it really kept me on this streak about momentum and moving forward in this year. There is no better time than now, and as someone who wasted a lot of time waiting and hoping, I can say it’s worth taking the chance on whatever you have brewing NOW rather than waiting for something to come and change your world.  We’ve spoken frequently on alignment, vibration, the power of the universe, intention, direction, and purpose.  Now let’s talk about action.  Yes, the need to take action is common sense—and we’ve talked about that too.  But let’s discuss what action looks like. 

For the last few months, I’ve been working with mentors, coaches, therapists, and leaders of different areas as well as some entrepreneurs and looking closely at what they do that stacks up differently than what I do.  Most of us (myself included) think that just because they are performing activities they are productive.  There is a significant difference between an activity and a result-producing activity.  In my experience, I know that both are beneficial, but if the goal is to move forward or to make changes, then the action needs to be geared toward results.  Other activities are necessary to find inspiration, to network, to get creative—all of that lays the groundwork and WILL propel you forward, but it’s in the product and the delivery that momentum is built.

The activities that move people forward are those that are aligned with purpose and intention.  This looks like networking, like engaging in platforms, like building the site (or hiring someone to do it), like getting help coalescing an idea, like taking the plan we drew up a month ago and actually doing something on that list.  See, the ideas and development stage are absolutely key because we need to know the why behind it—without why, we have no real reason to get to the end.  But development only takes us so far.  We need to bring that idea to life.  Vision without action is just thought, and while thoughts are powerful things, they aren’t what makes “it” happen.  They are the impetus to action.  And a result producing action is something that drives you closer to the goal.  So, if what you’re doing isn’t moving the needle, that’s just activity—again, there is a time and place for that.  But if we really want to see the finish line, we need to push that gauge. 

We all know time marches on no matter what we do.  We also know that none of us knows how much time we really have on this Earth.  How we use our time is entirely up to us.  I’m guilty of wasting far too much time hoping for things to turn out or expecting results from the wrong activity.  But as I’ve learned to shift my thinking and address the steps that will take me forward, I’ve noticed a significant difference in how time feels and how I use my time.  My activities are no longer based on what I “have” to do that day—it’s based on how I want my day to look and feel.  Yes, there are still certain areas that I have little control over—I still work for a 9-5 while I’m in the process of building—so that has an impact on me.  But that is no longer an obstacle.  It’s a means to get to where I need to be.  I no longer want to spend my time waiting for that right moment.  I want to spend my moments doing what aligns with the reality of who I am.  The more we do that, the more life flows for us.  I don’t want to wait on the sidelines to be called in—I’m engaging in the game.  What is meant to be will be, and it’s our job to bring ourselves fully to that moment.  I know I don’t want to look back and wish I had…I want to look back and say, wow, look at what I’ve done.

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