Become The Magician

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I’ve been obsessed with magic since I was a kid.  It started when I first saw “Interview With The Vampire” and had my first dip into fantasy/supernatural.  I loved the idea of living outside of time, the idea of being able to experience all of that life.  I loved the idea of being beyond mortal rules, so to speak.  Then I graduated to reading about and watching moves about magic and witchcraft and other fantasy.  I just love the idea that there is something more out there that we can tap into.  I also think my experiences as a child fostered a proclivity to want to control things out of self-protection.  Regadless, the other day I came across a post from Ashmi Path talking about Becoming the Magician and my interest piqued.  She talked about a ceremony/service she was about to host, but her phrasing on Becoming the Magician got me. 

As I’ve gotten older, I still enjoy a good fantasy about magic and power and I’m still drawn to living outside of time…but my definitions and understanding have changed.  See, I used to love the idea of literal magic, creating something from nothing with simply a thought or a chant, maybe a few ingredients.  Now I appreciate the natural element.  I understand the magic that is inherently here.  See, magic isn’t about waving a wand and making things we want appear.  Magic comes from using our gifts to create the life we envision.  It’s owning the power we are all gifted with to alchemize and create the life we are meant to have.  It doesn’t look the same for everyone.  Think about how when you’re really into a project time seems to disappear.  That is living beyond time.  Think about writing a story or building something.  That is creating something from nothing.  Think about passing on information or teaching people.  That is living forever. 

Magic isn’t just about the power or manipulating space/time/elements. It’s about embracing the gifts we have, what we were given on our arrival to this Earth, and making a life out of it.  At the most basic level, our existence is magical and we need to remember that.  Yeah, it’s cool to have power and manipulate energy, but it’s even cooler to create our own vibration and tap into that.  Honestly, that IS the magic we seek.  We have had that power all along, Dorothy.  The first time I read “The Alchemist,” I got pissed because the main character went through all of that crap to find out what he sought was right where had started.  I was angry because I was looking to escape from where I was at the time I loved the idea of taking off to seek my treasure so I didn’t want to hear it was right at home all along.  But there is truth in that.  There is power that we are taught to bury and we often need to leave to expose it and then we can come back.  There goes me wanting to get right to the point again and not enjoying the journey.

Humans are capable of amazing things.  Our greatest gift is to be able to bring forth our inherent power and share it with the world.  Our greatest gift really does come right from the home, the home of who we are at our core.  Sometimes we need a nudge outside of our shells, outside of the things we do to protect ourselves in order to understand what we are meant to do.  We have to remember who we are in order to experience the magic here.  It isn’t about control or proving anything.  There is magic simply in being.  We don’t have to escape to a fantasy world (although it is incredibly fun to imagine what that world would really be like) in order to experience the fullness of who we are.  We can change the way the world works through sharing our experience.  How magical is that?

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