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“The quickest way to joy is to let yourself soak in this moment a bit more,”  Ashmi Path. The essence of joy comes when we allow.  I wrote yesterday about the fruit being sweet meaning the wait is worth it, the journey is worth it while learning the art of balance and time and what you put value on.  What is valuable in your life, on your journey, doesn’t look the same as what is valuable for me.  I won’t spend my time seeking what you do if it isn’t of value to me and vice versa.  It’s so important to know what we value and the way to know what is of value is to be in the moment.  It’s in evaluating how you spend your time and what goals you’re trying to achieve.  And sometimes it’s in doing nothing, rather pausing, and listening to what your soul is telling you.  Presence isn’t as simple as “Be present, be aware.”  It takes practice.

For hyper-active mindsets, minds with racing thoughts and lots of goals/ideas, minds with lots of divided responsibilities, this is especially challenging.  There is a constant sense of tasks and needing to move onto the next thing, like there is always something better we could or should be doing.  This is when we revisit an old practice we discussed: get back into the body.  Even if it just starts with the breath, get back into the body.  Feel your heart beat.  Find some belief that all is well and that you are ok.  If you can’t be in the body, look at what’s around and find something that catches your eye.  Appreciate what’s around you, look at what you’ve built.  Try to hear that inkling of what comes next.  Try to hear what your soul is telling you.  Then try again a little later.  And again.

The more you can be aware of joy in your life, the more joy you allow in.  You recognize what feels good and it only increases from there.  Sometimes that wait for the fruit is challenging.  It isn’t always easy to find joy in the journey because there are parts that simply don’t make sense or there comes a point where we simply want what we have been working for.  It happens to all of us, we are human.  Part of life is experiencing the miracles around us and sometimes that means allowing things to unfold as they are meant to, not how we want them to.  It won’t change the fruit at the end of the day.  But we have to learn that even if we somehow end up with an orange instead of an apple, it can still be as sweet, and we still achieved our goal.  So we just have to allow.            

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