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Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.  That’s another tough one that I quickly wanted to acknowledge.  I mentioned I’m a fast thinker—not always to my benefit—but my mind races at top speed nearly 24/7.  It’s painful and something I’m working on addressing.  Clearly patience is not my strong suit.  If you struggle with patience, chances are you also have anxiety or you don’t see things through.  They all go hand in hand.  Throw in some racing thoughts on top of that anxiety and you aren’t getting much done.  You may start a million things, but that doesn’t mean you see them through—it’s more for fear of failure than anything.  If you let it go because you see it going a certain way, then you can’t get hurt.     

The art of slowing down is just that: an art.  It takes time to feel your way into trust, knowing that results come.  And even results that don’t turn out as expected are results.  Life is a learning curve and no one ever said we were supposed to get all things right on the first try in perpetuity.  Sometimes we have to jump and try again and again.  It’s such a fine line between putting in the work and knowing when to quit.  You only learn it through experiencing it.  The truth is when the flower blooms, it’s worth it.  We wouldn’t rush nature by trying to open the bud, so why would we do it to ourselves?  Give yourself time and allow things to unfold. I’m working on it too.

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