Drive It

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“Don’t let life fuck you up.  It’s yours to drive.  You’ve got to be happy on the way to being happy,” Jenifer Lewis.   A perfect echo to yesterday’s post regarding needing permission to live our lives how we see fit.  We are the driver of our lives and we become miserable when we let someone else take the wheel.  We need to be secure enough in ourselves to express who we are and to take control over what we want to create with our precious time here.  Of course that doesn’t mean it’s all peachy or easy along the way, but when you recognize the purpose of the path, it unfolds with ease. We see the steps and we experience the knowing of what we need to do. No, it doesn’t happen overnight.  There are a lot of twists and turns and bumps along the way, but when we find the path, our path, it doesn’t matter what comes.  We are prepared.

Now to the latter part of our opening quote about being happy on the way to being happy.  We need to put some context around this in the vein of expectations, faith, and aligning.  I actually believe we can live in a state of total happiness.  I feel we can allow ourselves to accept who we are and be comfortable being that person.  I have also learned that like attracts like so in order to find that degree/level of happiness, we need to learn to be happy where we are.  Again, that doesn’t mean we feel great about every little thing around us, but we have an acceptance of it.  I’ve learned that happiness comes in accepting who we are and where we are.  When we have that, we are able to keep perspective and make accurate decisions.  As I said above, as like attracts like, we learn to align and flow and we trust that all is as it should be without making it have to be something else.

Life get’s fucked up when we open the door to everything with no discretion.  That means people’s opinions, bad news, the tragedies as well as the triumphs and then we prioritize the negative of what we hear.  There is a lot wrong with the world.  I fully acknowledge this.  But as we are the cause, we are the answer.  I believe that answer comes in knowing who we are.  The world is hurting as much as we are and I mean that on an environmental as well as individual level.  We do our best when we focus on what is right for us and that means we are able to share our best with the world.  Don’t run from the pain of what has happened.  Sit with who we are and ask what we can do about it.  People blowing smoke and sharing their views on something that you hold the reins on isn’t where you want to be.  So focus on you because that sends out the most positive ripple into the world and encourages others to do the same.   

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