Busy Does It

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“[Using being busy] because you’re escaping from the pain of your full life being unexpressed,” Robin Sharma.  We use busy as a distraction to avoid the thought of a life we think we can’t have.  We have these feelings of things we want to do but we associate it with a fantasy because it doesn’t align with what we are told we have to do.  And then we feel pain because we know what we want to do but we don’t think it’s what we are supposed to do.  When we allow ourselves to become the fullest version of who we are, that pain goes away because we are honoring what is inside, honoring our knowing.  I have lived a totally unfocused life.  I thought I could do everything and I thought I was supposed to.  I believed I could control everything into submission and make it happen.  I mean, if you want something, you find a way to make it happen, right?  But I took on too much and it became a distraction.  We all do that at one time or another.

When we get honest about it, we know there is more to do, or rather something else we would rather do.  There is more that our inner knowing is telling us that we need to pursue.  If we don’t allow ourselves to become who we know we are meant to, then we spend much of our time in distraction.  Distraction isn’t just time behind a screen.  It’s time spent compulsively cleaning or organizing or constantly finding people to be around, or never being home, always having projects, working late.  I want us to consider for a moment that pain is a good thing in this circumstance.  At the very least pain shows us what isn’t working.  It whispers that something is wrong and it creates an awareness that we need to examine where that hurt comes from.  It’s only when we can identify the source that we can make alterations to our path.  Of course we can always choose to ignore and stay on the path we started, but the other option is to let all that go and take steps down a new route.

What happens when you put aside the business?  At the most basic level, space clears.  An opening forms where there wasn’t one and we see that maybe there is something else.  There are other ways to accomplish things and there may even be things that we don’t need to accomplish at all.  Imagine the time you create in your life when you simply do what calls you instead of what you obligated yourself to do.  Putting aside the business allows us to dig a bit deeper, examine our motivation and ask ourselves whether that is our motivation, what we were told to do, or a distraction. Time moves differently when we are in flow and when we are aligned so I’m not talking about five hours passing doing something you love.  I’m talking about constantly moving and filling every second of your day with something.  So when you let that go, what remains?  That’s the answer you’re looking for.

Take the chance to find the things you really want to do.  Take the time to invest in finding yourself and then take the time to express it every opportunity you have.  Be authentic and real and watch how all the other stuff just falls away.  Allow the extraneous to fall away and watch the light come in differently.  Let yourself see what your soul has been trying to tell you all along.  More importantly, respond to it.  Follow that and see what lies on the other side of the distraction you convinced yourself you need to do.  Allow yourself to be busy doing the things you love, the things you are meant to do.  You will definitely be busy but it won’t feel like it.  There’s a difference in productive, purposeful business versus distraction tactics.  Let the latter fall away.  Put aside the noise for a day and hear what the universe is telling you.

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