Sharing a Synchronicity

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I attended a leadership event this weekend hosted by my team with a couple as the keynote speaker.  They talked about the dance of conversation as it pertains to business and today I woke up to one of my inspirational leaders discussing the dance with the universe and life.  It goes both ways.  Sometimes you need to allow the message of the universe to simply flow through you.  You need to receive and then you need to act.  You need to put out the energy to the universe to receive.  Think and Grow Rich talks about the brain as a receiver and an energy emitter.  So discussing this dance of conversation and working with people as we learn to help them, it translates to the bigger picture of the dance with the universe and getting in touch with that universal flow.

My husband and I discussed some future plans this weekend and I saw him struggling with committing to what I was talking about in regards to our business.  I saw that it went further and that he was having trouble committing to a vision of what we are working toward.  It’s totally natural, I understood where he was at.  We’ve both struggled with believing what is possible and it makes it difficult to plan for something when you really don’t believe it can happen.  But what is key here is learning who you are and knowing how to express your gifts with others.  If we are going to be in flow, we need to be in frequency and that means knowing what we are emitting at all times.  It means knowing what we intend to emit and what we intend to receive and how we intend to use it for the good of all involved. 

I’ve been gifted with many synchronicities over the last few months and I am guilty of not following them as I should have.  I’ve taken steps, I never outright ignored them.  But I am guilty of not diving in whole-heartedly.  I’m still not willing to disappoint people and I still fear that I will lose my ground/security if I don’t do as I’m told.  But I know that if there are this many signs and they are still coming even after expressing fear, then this is the path I’m meant to follow.  I know that I am dancing with the universe and at this point it’s just practicing the steps.  It’s learning to allow and flow while harnessing the power of the gift I have been granted.

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