Surviving Anew

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“She survived because the fire inside of her burned brighter than the fire around her,” anonymous.  I love this quote in the context of both being the light and allowing our energy/purpose to burn away what no longer serves.  Echoing becoming a beacon of light for others, I’m using this quote to suggest we learn to follow our own light and become so strong that one day we hold that light and then stronger still to emanate that light from our being.  If you have any belief in vibration, frequency, sacred geometry or the like, this is where it begins.  As we turn away from the things that bring us pain and toward the things that bring us joy, we get in touch with our natural vibration and that expresses as light.  When we vibrate at a low energy frequency, we are dim, literally and figuratively.  We need to remember to harness the universal power we were given and brought into this world holding. 

In The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, the final portion of the book explains what happens to cultures who harness and utilize their vibration for good: the become so high frequency they are no longer visible on the tangible plane.  They become energy.  Now, I’m not using this to suggest we all ascend so high we are no longer in the physical realm, but I use the example to share that vibration and energy go beyond what we simply feel.  It starts that way like everything else but it escalates to a way of being.  I believe life is a dance and there are many songs and depending on what we tune into is what we get.  We have a physical body with an etheric soul and I do believe we are meant to utilize both in this world.  There are no accidents, namely in our design.  We are magnetic in this world, and the world itself is magnetic.  We respond to resonances and tones instantly.  We have energy that needs to be expelled that just happens to match that of the universe.  I know, this is definitely a different approach to what we’ve discussed before.

The idea is we can decide to rise above the self-inflicted flames of this world in the form of the judgement of others and learn to honor the fire within.  We do that by honoring who we are and allowing our purpose to manifest in the physical reality.  As we spoke about yesterday in regards to responsibility, it means facing our demons and letting go of all fears to be willing to simply show ourselves in our true form.  It also means remembering that we DO have a purpose here and we are meant to do more than survive.  We are meant to thrive.  Our ancestors did the hard work for us and the fact that any one of us is here is a miracle.  The fact that we have access to share messages like this in the world now is beyond any realm of thought people had.  The development of a communicable language across all people is miraculous enough and now we have technology to share it broader than ever before.  That is no coincidence—and ironically noticing those coincidences and knowing that there are no coincidences sets us up to see where they come from.

So as a first step to surviving the fires in the world, honor the coincidences (this is also a Redfield premise).  Look at where they are taking you and learn to interpret them as what they are: directors on the path.  The more we get in touch with that, the more we allow our natural state to shine through.  It all goes back to that idea of allowing who we really are to come through.  Our natural state, our actual state, our purpose.  We’ve been taught for so long to fear the light inside of us.  I think that we were trained to dim that light for the sake of others.  But we are all being called now to share it with the world.  The world needs a higher state of mind.  Not more stimuli, but more connection and exposure to who we really are.  We can survive and thrive and move forward through knowing ourselves.  Through doing what we are meant to do.  We will survive because we are that source of light and we will show people the way. 

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