Anxiety and Our Nervous System

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“Sometimes anxiety is your nervous system saying: ‘I need you to rebalance me, go slow, reconnect to the body and listen to its needs,’” Xavier Dagba.  In this society we are trained to move and compete at an alarming, and quite frankly, disgusting rate.  Our body, minds, souls, our heart, our hormones, and our nervous system are NOT designed to be under that kind of undue stress for any length of time—it’s all fake shit anyway.  All of the stressors we have aside from actual physical issues or natural disasters are completely within our control and often times made up.  And even fi they are not, it is our choice to continue to deal with them. I had a lot of trouble (and still have a lot of trouble) wrapping my head around that one.  But it’s the truth.  If your work environment sucks, you are able to get another job.  If your partner isn’t holding up their end of the bargain by choice, then you can leave.  We can choose to ignore the news and media and decide to do something good with our time. 

But we are trained to believe that it is normal to run at top speed thinking about the sky falling all the time.  The irony is we are a species that was literally hunted by other animals at one point.  Those people knew what it meant to fear for your life because danger could literally be around ANY corner.  We still carry that with us and we behave as if the next comment on social media is going to kill us meanwhile we don’t even look up from the damn phone when we are crossing the street.  Do we not see how ridiculous this is?  We are told we have to take on and do as much as we can and work all the time in order to be worthy.  The truth is we do that so we continue to feed a system of consumerism driven by greed and hate and it fuels our fire to be witnessed and seen by others by pretending we have a voice.  It really isn’t about consuming anything anymore.  It’s about honoring what we can produce. 

So when we slow down enough to understand what’s happening, we see that we don’t need to run our lives like that.  We are worthy and our gifts were designed to carry and care for us.  We weren’t meant to monetize and devalue our gifts, we were simply meant to share them with each other and make each other better.  I mean, money is completely useless, it is a man-made thing.  And all of this nonsense around our country lately with inflation and recession is completely designed to induce further dependence on the system—that doesn’t work.  If we were really for each other, the government would put a ban on raising prices right now.  It’s like a bunch of children trying to compete for the most attention.  Again, another made up stressor designed to keep us feeding into the system so we pretend “they” have an answer.  We DON’T need it.

So for this one, I encourage you to really take a listen to what your body is telling you. If you slow down just a little, you’d be amazed at what you hear.  You don’t need to go all the time.  I know I can’t stand it.  I hate wasting my time on things that ultimately have no value because I’m told that it is the only way to be of value.  Meanwhile I face being replaced at the drop of hat if I don’t do everything in line.  If the purpose of business is to take care of people we have to meet them where they actually need us, not where we think they are.  We have to listen and identify where things are changing and there has been a MASSIVE shift over the last three years telling us where our priorities are changing.  No one wants to do the typical gig anymore.  They want freedom.  They don’t want to ask for permission to live their lives, to use their time with their families.  They don’t want to ask when it’s ok to eat or go to the bathroom.  We are fully grown adults.  I don’t need that added stress in my life, and neither do you.  Learn to hear what your body is telling you and let go of the rush, the pressure, the fear.  Settle, and hear.

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