The Anxiety Series

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We are going to deep dive into some anxiety work next week.  I recently came across someone on Instagram who focuses on spirituality and centering and they had a series of posts about anxiety.  It’s timely to discuss this as we are entering a season of change and release and we are working on healing those old habits and beliefs to step into something new.  Additionally, after last week’s realization about my son and energy, I think coupling that to anxiety is appropriate.  The recent full moon is about healing and manifesting the life we want.  It is about understanding triggers, insecurities, traumas, and finding what all of that is meant to transmute to.  Again, I feel this is another appropriate coupling. 

Anxiety is all about worst case scenario, doomsday, tearing us down when we are weak—or when we thought we were strong, negative and spiraling thoughts, fear mongering, rehashing every mistake, creating problems where there are none, overthinking, procrastination, taking on other’s issues, seeking validation, needing reassurance, people pleasing, losing trust in yourself, and creating problems that aren’t there.  This is just the beginning of the list and there are physical manifestations as well.  As someone who has lived with anxiety my entire life, this is something I want to personally heal. 

The following series is a new perspective on anxiety for me and I thought it would be helpful.  I don’t claim to help resolve these issues, but reading these simple statements shifted my mindset a bit.  I was fortunate enough during the loss of our rabbit to take a positive out of that.  I witnessed my son physically need to move the emotion through is body.  I have heard that for years in the various practices I follow, but I never fully understood it.  Over time, my body has become quite stiff and I see how so much of that corresponds to me holding in or stifling emotions, the majority of them around a fear of some sort.

So the goal of this is to offer some additional insight into something millions of us suffer with.  I know how challenging  anxiety is and I know the extreme lies the mind will go to when anxiety is on a roll.  I know the lowest of lows experienced with anxiety and I think this is a conversation more people need to have.  See, we have normalized turning anxiety into a game, thinking it makes people more productive.  We have fucked with the idea of mental security through physical security and tied our worth to everything external, and if we can’t “make it,” then we are deemed failures instead of seeing the broken system.  The human psyche isn’t meant to function like that.  I want people to see they are not alone.  We are meant to change how this world functions, and we are meant to harmonize with it as it is.  The old ways no longer serve.  We’ve felt that for a long time.  Hopefully this series makes you feel less alone. 

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