Running Into People

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There are always multiple sides to any story.  So what happens when you’ve only had one side and then suddenly find yourself face to face with the other?  Well, as we’ve talked about often here, the universe works in funny ways, often bringing us right where we don’t want to be, or answering that prayer just as we think it will never happen, or closing a door we thought would be open forever.  I’m sure it’s a cosmic joke of some kind.  Regardless, things happen as they are meant to in their own time, so if someone crosses your path at a certain time, then take that as a sign to deal with whatever is coming up—or at least to be open to listening.

When we were shopping on Friday night we ran into such a person.  Now, without going into too much detail, this individual was recently going through a divorce and I’m sure felt on the outside because the person who perpetrated the situation is technically on the “inside” of the family.  As time has transpired, we understood clearly that the person on the “inside” really messed up—I mean, I knew from the beginning there were problems with the story we were told (and nothing fully justified the behavior in my mind) but we got to hear all of that first.  So seeing the other person last night for the first time in years opened this other perspective. 

None of what we heard was shocking, in fact, it was kind of expected.  You know to trust your instinct and if something is off or telling you there is more to the story, chances are there is.  When we spoke with the first individual, the one who is part of the family, things weren’t adding up.  The other side of the story filled in the gaps and confirmed what we had all suspected: simply, there was more.  Whatever fears this person had about being on the outside were completely irrelevant.  We knew the truth in our guts whether we saw them or not.  Sometimes things happen and we don’t understand them in the moment, but then we DO.  It is the same in life.  Sometimes we know something in our gut but we don’t see the result right away.  This is a reason to continue until we know. 

I’m still not clear on why we randomly ran into this person—we’ve lived relatively close to them for 4 years and we’ve NEVER seen them at this store before last night.  So, in the universe’s way, it was meant to be 😊 and I know time will tell.  It always does.  It was a reminder to stay open and to offer support and love when you can.  It is a reminder that the truth comes out in time no matter what you do.  And sometimes there are no sides—it’s a matter of embracing what is in order to get to what needs to be—or what is coming.  But you never know when those moments happen.  Consider them a gift when they do.  Allow and enjoy them.  And always be ready to listen. 

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