More on The Power of Thought


I want to preface this with we are always tested when we have any sort of epiphany or realization or declare we know what we want, when we are trying to become someone else.  Shortly after the realization that I needed to watch my thoughts, a few things happened.  So I made the bold declaration that I would ALWAYS watch my thoughts as soon as I realized what I was seeing on my screen.  There couldn’t be any other reason behind what I was seeing other than to watch my thoughts.  I woke up the following day, Wednesday, and I had a feeling come over me about what I want to do with my work and I said to myself I am absolutely meant to help others.  I have a gift and I am meant to share that and elicit the best version of all of us out into the world.  The universe responded. 

The night before we received an email from my son’s teacher explaining a personal situation she was dealing with and I had immediately replied offering support—she’s going through something I’ve experienced as well.  For whatever reason when I woke up on that Wednesday, I felt like I crossed a boundary and maybe she wasn’t ready to receive that.  I barely know the woman, but I replied to her situation without thinking.  So as I sat in my office thinking about my call to help others and simultaneously worrying I had crossed a boundary, I opened my email.  The first thing I saw was a thank you from this teacher.  Warmth flooded my body in instant relief.  My message was received.  I continued my morning, drawing my affirmations and I had repeat cards come through.  They spoke of leaning toward love to be led and learning through love.  Offering support to someone who feels alone is the least we can do, so I did that with compassion and love.  MORE warmth.  Then I read my devotional and the line that stuck out was, “It costs nothin’ to be kind.”  More on that one soon. 

Finally, I meditated and it was about sharing love.  And right there, that was it. I have a gift for working directly with people and figuring out how to untangle from the thought webs they weave.  I love to offer support and guidance within my capacity and so often, people simply need to be heard and encouraged.  It literally costs nothing.  And it feels amazing.  I love donating belief and seeing people come out of their shells as they see who they are meant to be. This world needs more of who we are meant to be and less of who we are told to be.  It needs the authentic gifts we were given and meant to share with the world.  I’ve spoken about it before, we are not meant to carry the burden of the world on our own.  We are not meant to all be the same.  We are meant to be who we are and to share that light so we can ignite the light in someone else.  And those gifts carry on and on and inspire others.

These are thoughts that constantly roam through my head.  Based on yesterday’s piece, if this is what’s in my mind, then this is what I’m drawing to myself.  An ear, a lesson, a kind word.  I used to think it didn’t seem like much.  In fact, I had an exercise a few years back where I asked people what my best quality was and someone close to me said, “You always have a kind and encouraging word.”  I remember getting angry at first.  I’ve done all of these things in my life, I’ve fought to get through and succeeded, I’m raising a child, I’ve financially supported my family.  Not that any of it is unique, but I have demonstrably shown I am far more capable than just words.  I mean I love words, but at the time I needed validation on something more.  Now that some years have passed, I appreciate the sentiment.  I see the value in being able to offer support and perspective to people.  We all know how unkind we can be to ourselves, so if I have the ability to reason with that in others, I am happy to have it.  The things that naturally flow through our minds are ours and those are the things we are meant to work on.  That is the person we are meant to be.  

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