The Feeling of Purpose

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“It costs nothin’ to be kind.”  Six words, seven syllables, an immeasurable reminder of the power of SEEING people.  It’s also a reminder that the things we give freely have a deeper purpose than we initially feel.  Yesterday I shared how I initially felt angry about someone saying my gift was offering kind words and how I didn’t see the value in that.  Ironic I didn’t see the value because I love words and I’ve always spoken of the value of words.  But I had taken it as someone only seeing me as a stepping stone.  If they need to feel better, they come to me for a boost and then I won’t see them again for a while.  As I said yesterday, I do see the gift now.  My ability to offer words demonstrates that people are seen.  And people need to be seen, now more than ever.  They need to know their inherent value and sometimes it takes someone else telling them to understand.  I’m happy to be that person because I know what it’s like to want to be seen and I love igniting the light in others.

I have to admit that I initially didn’t see the value because offering kind words is something I’ve always done.  It’s something I’ve always wanted done for me.  I always wanted to know people saw my efforts and appreciated when I could do.  For a long time I needed to hear I was good enough and capable enough and that what I produced was amazing.  When it came to offering words to people, it came so naturally it felt like there was no effort involved.  I had also been trained that anything worth while felt like work.  But I’ve learned the things we are drawn to do to help others will often cost us nothing.  The things we are meant to do feel easy, not hard.  Not that there aren’t some challenging parts, but it feels good to do it.  Our natural gifts cost nothing to share.  Our passion and drive and desire cost us nothing.  It’s something we are compelled to do.  We are drawn to it like magnets and we feel so good when we are doing it, it’s almost uncomfortable.  What costs us nothing can be invaluable to someone else. 

It’s a testament to the need to share our light and to be who we are born to be.  We are so brainwashed to “become” something from the time we are in kindergarten.  We are trained to graduate and progress and move up the ladder and always striving for something else that we lose sight of our inherent value.  We need to remember that.  We are born with gifts that the world needs otherwise we wouldn’t have them.  We’ve misinterpreted value and worth as something we get paid for.  We’ve lost sight of the things we do naturally because there is no visible reward.  This world offers us endless gifts, things we shun because they are readily available.  Trees produce fruit, plants give us food, we have air and water, and God willing housing and clothing but we don’t see the value in it because we expect it and we are told we have to produce to be of worth.

What if we redefined worth?  What if we took the time to see what we were REALLY offering?  What the world is really offering? I’m by no means shunning the efforts and advances man has made: I love my books and the internet and the ability to cook and to have a home with running water.  Those are all worthy things.  But there are other worthy things that are less tangible.  Those gifts need to be shared and highlighted as well. The fact that something comes easy doesn’t mean it’s not valuable.  We just need to appreciate that more.  Your gifts need to be shared.  FIND what comes easy because chances are that is what you are meant to focus on.  Things come to us in unexpected ways so follow where you are naturally led and take it further than that.  Bring it to life with ease and grace and allow that to be your mark.  That is purpose.

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