Solid Evidence To Trust

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A week ago I sat with my parents and we discussed life in general and we reminisced about times, good and bad, over the course of the last couple of decades.  We fell into the nostalgia habit and I mentioned I found a thank you letter from a teacher I had 26 years ago.  I don’t recall how we got on the next conversation, but I mentioned how this teacher’s husband (at the time) had worked for an airline and he was involved in cleaning up a crash that occurred on Halloween several years prior to that, and unfortunately, one of the relatives of another teacher had been on that flight.  I remember this teacher saying that the other teacher struggled with speaking to her because it was so painful.  It was a powerful memory to me because I was so young and didn’t understand how a person could hold someone not technically involved accountable or how they could act as a trigger—believe me, I know now.  I also hadn’t thought of that event in several years.

The following Tuesday at work I ran audits for my employees and that involves random account numbers being pulled for me to review.  Everything droned on for the first few hours but in that last hour of work, right as boredom was about to take over, an account popped up that stopped me in my tracks. I mean I literally stared at that screen for a good five minutes with my jaw on the floor, confirming who I was looking at.  It was the teacher who struggled with my teacher, a person I hadn’t seen in well over 30 years, someone who I last heard of 26 years prior, and someone I had no say in choosing during this process at work—yet I had just been speaking of her and now here she is. 

For me, that was a testament to the power of thought and manifestation in the universe.  No, I didn’t have any intention whatsoever of finding this woman, the topic was brought up very casually with no drive to follow up.  But if something that random, where the odds are literally one in several hundred million, can happen without intention, simply by speaking about it, that is unbelievable evidence that something is working beyond us.  There is truly power in our thoughts.  There is power in our words.  That power explains quite a bit about where I’m at with myself lately as well.  I’ve been going through a weird phase of reconciling the past and wanting to go back and I’ve been experiencing things that have thrown me for a loop, like old repeating behaviors of mine and my husband, old fears, not wanting to cope with what’s in front of me.  It all started with a thought about wanting to go back.

To the latter point there are a couple of things: 1. Always watch your thoughts because even if it seems innocent, or wistful, or in jest, the universe doesn’t view it that way.  You are imbibing power into a thought the universe thinks needs to become reality and, if it can’t give you exactly what you want, it’s going to send you its interpretation.  So be clear and focused and disciplined.  2. With that focus, make sure you are very clear on what your intentions are.  I literally had no intent in the conversation with my parents and there still popped up a remnant so astronomically small that could only mean there is power unseen.  3. The universe responds to frequency and belief and if you intend to shift anything in your life, you need to match that level and understand what it means to believe.  That was evidence to me that my energy emitted more longing for the past than for the future.  Time to shift!

I hope that everyone experiences something like this in their lifetime where there is concrete evidence that thought has power.  If there is power in a thought you DON’T want, imagine the power of something you do want.  Imagine feeling differently and allowing yourself to explore something new without fear and embracing the change it brings—often the change you say you want.  This isn’t about fake it ‘til you make it, this is about becoming that person.  Even if you aren’t that person now, you can still find ways to emit the energy you’re intending.  I repeat, there is power in thought and the universe draws it to you.  Do not second guess yourself and do not second guess your intent.  You may need to adjust focus every now and then, but allow the belief to become you until you become the belief.  This is the way of the universe—trust it.

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