Sunday/Monday Gratitude

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We get two for one today!

Today I am grateful for new friendships.  With working the hours I do, I don’t often get to expand out to new people.  We’ve had the chance to meet some amazing people through my son and it has opened into a friendship for all of us.  I’ve been so grateful to start finding joy again and finding new people to experience things with has been an amazing joy for me.  Being seen where I’m at, watching my son and husband feel the same, it helps us break out of our fight or flight-we-only-have-each-other mode.  We have some beautiful friendships we’ve made since living here, but finding people exactly where we are at has been life changing.  It’s about a shared connection and that is priceless.

Today I am grateful for progress.  Thinking about what moves us forward, I’ve learned a lot from the group I work with outside of my 9-5.  We talk a lot about result producing activities and at first I thought it was just exhausting.  Full transparency, it IS exhausting but that is also just the phase we are in right now.  There is more to come and in order to get here, we need to work on those things that actually get results.  So we’ve been putting in different effort than what we did before.  Previously we were just trying to do enough to keep our heads off the ground.  But in the last month, we’ve made a ton of progress with helping people.  The difference in the result was almost immediate when the focus shifted to brining a result to others.  That is what moves us forward.

Today I am grateful to be able to help.  Expanding on what I mentioned above, I’m grateful to be able to be a light to others.  There are days it feels heavy and overwhelming trying to keep up with all the things I have to do, but there has been no better feeling than making myself available to truly hear people and help them where they are at.  I’ve been an ear for my employees, I’ve advocated for moving projects forward at work, I’ve helped people find things to assist in their health, I’ve been able to help my parents when they needed me, I’ve worked with my son on his school projects, and my husband and I have gotten better about dividing tasks around the house.  It’s a beautiful thing to put talent to use and to apply it to life.  Find the helpers or be the helper—it makes all the difference.   

Today I am grateful for time with family.  Life never seems to slow down and there are moments I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing.  Yes, it feels good to help and to be productive, but we lose sight of the need and/or value of rest.  I mean, I crave rest, but I’m a pusher and I will push up to the point I physically can’t do anymore.  This morning, I woke up and worked on my writing and my husband and I made breakfast.  Then we all sat on the couch with the dog and one of the cats and as soon as I looked at all of us laying/sitting there, I said, “This is a moment.”  It’s amazing how the body lets you know when you are at peace.  There is a sense of complete calm that washes over and it’s felt at the deepest level.  That’s a parasympathetic response and it feels good—and it’s necessary.  Beyond that, it’s a moment to cherish as we are all together, simply relaxing and connecting with each other.  I love my family.

Today I am grateful for forgiveness.  I wasn’t able to post this on Sunday and I broke my streak of almost daily posting for two years.  So I begin again. And I know where I need to keep my focus.  There was simply too much chaos and distraction on Sunday and I didn’t get to finish sharing these things, the things I am grateful for that keep me moving and focused.  I will forgive myself and take the lessons and I will continue to prioritize what is important to me—my health and my family and taking care of things that are needed.  Things will unfold as they are meant to, and I needed to forget in order to remember what I have to do.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead with an early morning post 😊

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