A Reminder for Ease

Photo by brenoanp on Pexels.com

Just a quick note/reminder for those undergoing a change to carry you through the transition: Sometimes faith is about learning something new.  When we learned to tie our shoes it could be frustrating thinking we couldn’t ever create those loops.  When we learned about numbers and all the things they could do, we didn’t know if we could ever remember the formulas.  When we learned about culture/society/language/life, we didn’t know if we had room for all of that.  During the last decade, we’ve seen things we never thought we would see.  All of this we have integrated into ourselves.  Everything we once thought was impossible became the norm, something we utilized or understood with ease over time.  So when we make the decision to move forward on a new path, we have to have patience for ourselves to learn something new.

There are bumps as we learn new things, there can be some painful lessons as we learn to let go, and there are often reality checks as we learn a new way of being.  That doesn’t mean give up.  It means keep going.  Keep going until the new becomes familiar.  Keep going until you understand that there is a bigger plan for you in this life and your new life will cost you your old one.  Of course there can be sadness in losing the familiar, but there is joy in embracing what serves now, what serves the greater purpose.  Having faith means being open and willing and flowing.  It isn’t about your plan, it’s about THE plan.  If you ever want to remember where you are in the universe, find a quiet place to go look at the stars.  Remember two things: 1. In the vastness of space, you are here.  You were created and brought here to do something, you are needed.  2. In the vastness of space, you are so small—the plan isn’t yours.  You are simply meant to listen to the calling and go with it.  KEEP GOING.           

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