What it Means to Calm Down

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The last few weeks have been crazy in our household.  We’ve been ill off and on since the beginning of August, we’ve started new jobs, we’ve travelled, we’ve dove deep into our business and planning our future, we’ve started school (literally and figuratively).  We have been consistently busy and sometimes the body just doesn’t know what to do.  This last illness has left me with some lingering side effects that I hope go away after I complete my medication, the worst of which is difficulty hearing out of my right ear.  The cold I had generously spread to my entire right side causing a massive sinus/eye/ear infection and the ear issue is still lingering.  I honestly didn’t realize I was that sick so I kept going.  I never stopped working even though I desperately needed more rest. 

Yesterday I decided to look up some of my old massage techniques to help drain my ear and almost everything that came back was lymphatic drainage techniques.  For those not familiar, lymphatic drainage is an extremely light pressure technique used to assist in pumping lymphatic fluid toward the natural “drains” of the body.  My natural stubbornness kicked in and I followed the techniques, but of course, it was too hard.  My ear is REALLY stuffed up so I figured a little extra pressure couldn’t hurt as I needed to MOVE whatever fluid is in there.  My husband is having a similar issue so I sat with him and eased the technique on him and he seemed to get some relief.  Then HE tried it on me much closer to how it was supposed to be done.  Holy smokes—he found things on my FACE that hurt that I didn’t even know were bothering me.  First I felt guilty because he gave a much better massage than I did, but then it hit me: I’m going too fast.

I’ve been taking the medicine to a T but still working like crazy.  My mind is in over drive, I always have things to do, my schedule is turned around (even with planning my days), and I still feel pulled in a thousand directions at once.  I’ve been rushing through the things I LIKE doing.  I’ve been reading at night but I don’t allow myself to thoroughly enjoy it.  When I move my body, I’m not feeling my body I’m just trying to finish what I started.  When I was massaging my husband, I wasn’t thinking about him, I was thinking about forcing the technique to work.  So even though I’m doing the “right” things, I’m rushing through them.  I’m not allowing them to work, I’m willing it to work.  The realization hit me that I need to allow my body to naturally decompress.  My husband’s technique on my face was highly effective in demonstrating a gentle touch can change things.  What happens when I allow my body to truly relax?

The latter thought then escalated to what happens when I let the mind slow down?  What happens when there isn’t this constant busyness going through my brain?  Why do I need to carry it with me anyway?  No one ever said the mind has to go on multiple rails 24/7.  It’s ok to pause some tracks and really focus on what’s important—in this case, my health.  Some things in nature, health included, can’t be forced.  Our power isn’t enough to make it be a certain way.  We have to create the space to foster health and wellbeing and then it comes to us naturally.  I’ve also rarely been a patient person so this lesson is extra important.  Sometimes things simply take time.  In this case the infection was really bad so it is going to take a minute to clear everything up.  But with patience and continued support, I know I can calm myself enough to allow.  I can trust all is well and I will recover.  All it takes is a little tenderness on my part to slow down.

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