Revisiting an Old Thought

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Something I talk about a lot is mindset.  I’m not always the greatest at maintaining my own mindset as I’m prone to some negative chatter, however this is a persistent theme in my life.  Things look better when you look up.  There is power in mindset.  There is power in controlling our thoughts.  There isn’t much in the outside world that we can truly control in the literal sense of the word.  We don’t know how people will behave, we don’t know what is actually coming our way, and we can’t control the weather.  But we can control how we perceive things and how we react.  The part of mindset that has always fascinated yet eluded me is the power of manifestation.  I say it eludes me, but what I really mean is I don’t understand the level of belief it requires to attain the things that seem out of reach.  So, I can ALMOST get there, but tend to fall short.  That’s a story for another day.  Regardless.

I recently started reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and it is literally all about mindset.  I mean, I just started so I know there is more coming, but the opening through the first couple of chapters is largely about understanding there is nothing we can’t have as long as we have the determination to get it.  In some ways it sounds ruthless because there is always a price—people are impacted by what we do—but the truth is it comes down to focus and clarity of thought.  It’s about being precise enough on the destination that the exact steps we need to take always reveal themselves.  They may not be the steps we thought so flexibility on the journey is required, but that end vision is always there.  Again, this is something I’ve talked about.  The book was written nearly 100 years ago.  These are NOT new concepts.  I have no problem professing it to other people.   Yet when it comes to my goals, my brain struggles with the idea of can it REALLY be that easy?

That goes back to the lack of clarity: you (I) can’t get where you’re (I’m) going if you don’t have the destination in mind.  When you want big things and have a lot of vision and very busy mind, it’s hard to clear out the noise because sometimes there is gold there.  But not all thoughts are gold and sometimes we just have to let them pass.  What I do know, especially after the events of this week, is that when we share our authentic selves, people are receptive to that.  They don’t want to be sold on who you are, they want to know who you are.  In order to steward the ship of our lives, we need to know where we are going which requires knowing who we are.

So…the story is the same but in a bit of a new package. It’s easy to achieve a goal when you know where it is and where you are headed.  Even if it takes time to get there, you are still heading in the same direction.  So when will my stubborn brain calm down enough to allow the real me to captain the helm?  I can’t drive toward three places at once.  She’s coming through now and I am grateful for the experience with my coworkers this past week.  I’m grateful for the reminder to slow down and the need for gentleness from my illness so I can learn to focus on what is really important and take one step at a time.  I’m grateful for another reminder on mindset—you know they say you have to hear a message seven different times seven different ways to get it.  For me it may be seven million, but I’m listening.  Now it’s about stewarding and driving those thoughts where they belong.

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