People and Surprises

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My mentor has told me many times that you never know who will say yes to you.  She meant it in the context of business, and that was honestly my first experience of it, but I want to talk about it applying to other areas of life as well.  I’m in two related fields, healthcare and holistic/nutraceutical care.  Both emphasize the need for care of the body yet they have vastly different approaches.  We’ve discussed before that healthcare today isn’t really healthcare, it is sick care, so I approach my holistic work with the purpose of empowering people to take care of their bodies and to take control of their health. There is a vast world out there, an industry, designed to profit off of the human body breaking down.  Truth be told, it happens naturally and there is a place for that.  But in the mean time, we need to take control of our own physical health.  Now, with that being said, I have a confession: I’ve kept the holistic part of my life fairly hidden from my 9-5—they have a general idea of what it is and they know I like it.  Much of what I do doesn’t fit with the group I’m a part of now—there are some who are interested, but others not so much.  Recently worlds collided.

One of my coworkers shared that a position had opened up at a sister facility at what equates to a Vitamin shop and their specialty is nutraceuticals.  Before I knew it, I exclaimed, “I know I’ve told you I have a side business, that’s what I do!”.  My boss immediately told me I need to go for it.  She said, “Not that I want to lose you, but this is right up your alley”.  There was a brief sting and some fear as I thought about the changes in our organization and whether or not I had a place there, but I realized she was coaching me.  I’ve known for a long time I wanted to go in this direction.  I practiced massage therapy for a time, I’ve always been looking to herbal remedies to naturally take care of myself, and I love sharing information with people so they feel empowered with their care.  But I’ve been “safe” until now in my current role.  And it hit me: I’m not safe (no one is) and if this is what I really want, it may be time to go for it.    

Three realizations happened in quick succession: 1. I can’t keep pretending my life is in my 9-5, I need to take the leap and focus on the life I’m building.  2. People become genuinely curious when you are honest about who you are.  Within 24 hours of that conversation, two of my coworkers ordered product from me.  3. Sharing that facet of who I am changed me.  It’s different sharing something you’ve been quiet about face to face than it is writing it here.  When you share yourself with the world, the world opens up.  These are people I figured would NEVER be interested in it let alone make a purchase.  That was all my bias based on conversations we’d had.  But I learned people are sometimes shy to share what THEY are curious about.  It all depends on the company so to speak.  If the group seems interested, they’re interested, if not, they’re not.  Timing is everything and after a real conversation, they showed they really did have an interest.     

You never know who will be interested in what you have.  I’m not just talking about a product.  I’m talking about your story.  People need your story.  They need to know they aren’t alone and they need to be seen and heard where they are.  No, your story isn’t for everyone and it takes some discerning to learn who needs it, however, the impact you have on those who ARE looking for what you’ve got is immeasurable.  The truth is a lot of people are scared.  Look at what I just shared: I’ve been doing this side work for nearly a year and I never told the majority of the people I see on a daily basis.  But they needed what I had for them—in this case they needed to hear it and they needed a product.  You just never know.  Our stories are invaluable and that is the beautiful thing about being human: just living teaches us and it brings us to who we need when we need them and vice versa (it brings them to us).  Whatever happens with the role, it really doesn’t matter.  I am grateful to have support from people who do genuinely care and to remember that there is space for me.

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