Soul Over Illusion

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“Let your soul be more important than this illusion.  Choose yourself and suddenly the chains you thought were binding you dissolve.  And you will see that you are free,” Ashmi Path.  Once we allow the light of who we are to be greater than the fear of not fitting in, that light not only shines on other people, it illuminates the path for ourselves.  Perhaps it blazes a trail for others as well.  But we have to decide that where we are no longer fits and that we want more, and we have to be ready to follow that path no matter what it means.  For many of us, breaking what we know is a challenge because we can’t see what comes next or we are afraid of disappointing those around us, or we simply don’t have a gauge of what success is outside of what we are currently told.  We don’t have a measure to know what works and what doesn’t.  Regardless of that, we get to the point where being who we are is more important that fitting in.

We waste so much time trying to figure out how to manipulate people to feel a certain way toward us.  We try to make them accept us or feel a certain way about us or see us in a certain light.  We spend much of our lives putting on a show.  Imagine what would happen if we dedicated just a fraction of that time to developing who we are and learning to embrace that.  We would be entirely different people.  We would taste a real sense of fulfillment and we certainly wouldn’t worry about fitting into a societal construct of what we are “supposed” to do.  We’d simply be who we are.  And that is what it means to let your soul be more important than this illusion.  It’s all a show.  Once we know how to be who we are and allow the magic of the universe flow through us, it doesn’t matter what others think.  We are simply showing our way.

We are not for everyone and that is ok.  We have to be for ourselves because others will not waste their time with us if they can’t define who we are.  Not that we really need a definition anyway, but if people can’t label us they fear us.  So we learn to work outside of labels with the understanding we need people who speak our language, resonate on our vibration in order to feel that acceptance.  And that is all that matters.  The first key is being who we are and knowing what we have to offer.  It is making peace with the light and all it shows.  It is accepting that we are living in an illusion and understanding we are simply tired of the game.  It’s ok to be tired of the game.  Once you put down the weight of what you’ve been wearing, you are suddenly free to simply be.  That is when life really begins. 

I don’t claim that all parts of this life are bad.  We live on a pretty amazing rock floating in space and if you are reading this on some kind of device, you’re doing pretty well.  We have the ability to communicate and connect all over the world.  We can create amazing works of art.  We are in a phase of mutual discovery and learning that there is more.  This is an awakening and it is a great time to try and find something new.  I do claim that we need to embrace this time more and accept that we can live outside the box.  We never needed the box, but it was created at a different time and it functioned differently—it had a different purpose.  Now we are awakening and we understand there is more to what we have here.  We understand that as scary as it can be, we each have a purpose here and we need to go out on a limb to share it.   We aren’t all here to fit in the box.  We are meant to destroy it.  So cast off those chains and welcome who we are.  They were imaginary anyway.

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