Easy to Dream

Photo by David S on Pexels.com

“It’s easy to dream about what you want but in between where you are and what you want there’s a tremendous amount of stuff you’ve got to change and do,” Mel Robbins.  This is similar to the adage of your new life will cost you your old one.  We cannot repeat the habits we’ve always had and expect to yield different results.  It doesn’t work like that.  When we dream, we are given insight into what we are looking to accomplish, a taste of what we think we want our lives to be like.  As we know, we have to learn to close the gap between where we are and where we are going.  That is work and that work can be daunting to many of us, especially if we don’t know all the work we will have to do.

The reason this quote stuck out to me is the simplicity.  Yes, it implies a big lift on our part to get where we want to go (which is sometimes true), but it hits it on the nose: there is work to do.  The life we want won’t magically appear if we aren’t doing anything to bring it forth.  But if we do something in the direction of where we want to go, we will get there.  If we take the smallest step toward what feels right, we will get there eventually, but you have to keep moving.  You have to keep doing.  Slowly the life we dreamed about will start to seem more real and once you yield those results, you will see that the gap has decreased.  That’s all the encouragement you need—to see that goal is within your reach.

One of my mentors is still coaching me through something similar.  I tend to do a lot on my own because of limited time and multiple goals.  She told me to stop looking at the whole thing and thinking I had to do it alone or do it all in one day.  As we discussed it, I told her I can’t jump the Grand Canyon in a single leap.  I have to walk through it, the highs and the lows, in order to get where I’m going.  But each step I take is a step closer to where that end may be.  My mentor then finished with this, “What one action can you take today that will get you closer to your goals?”.  That was it for me.  It clicked.  Yes, there are a million things I want to do and a million goals I want to tackle at once, but that’s the Grand Canyon again.  So what is one thing I can do today (and can do well) that will get me in the direction of my dreams?

It’s easy to dream about what you want but I want to emphasize that the work it takes to get where we want to go can also be easy.  It doesn’t have to be the large daunting thing that we fear we will never achieve, or something so big that we never take the first step.  We can break it down into the most manageable part and take that first small step.  Then the next step reveals itself. Then the next task reveals itself.  Then the next break reveals itself.  Then the next lesson reveals itself.  Then we can take the NEXT step.  It’s an entire beautiful process, but before we know it, we are standing at the top.  We are looking at what once seemed insurmountable from a different perspective—we’ve climbed it. Don’t talk yourself out of your dreams because they seem too big: break it down into what one thing you can do and do it until you know what to do next. 

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