Light Just Shines

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“Light doesn’t care about being seen as good.  It is completely irreverent toward that.  It just shines.  Light doesn’t care about being accepted.  It just shines.  And because of that we are terrified of it.  Because we know embodying it fully sometimes comes at a cost and part of that includes the consequences of not being seen as good by people who may be blinded by our light.  Most people will want you to see your light until it starts blinding them.  And your job is to practice shining anyways,”  Xavier Dagba.   This is the ultimate letting go.  This is the ultimate KNOWING of what you have to do.  On any journey inward to discovery of our personal path, we seek to unleash the light we have. We seek to share what we know with the world because the world needs our story.  That is shining. 

Our current constructs don’t allow for the freedom the soul requires.  We bind ourselves in socially accepted ways based on ideas a paradigms that no longer exist—and paradigms that no longer work.  As we continue to awaken and feel the rumble of our soul call, we realize that there is the possibility for more.  There is always another way.  This can be terrifying for some.  I’m a people pleaser at heart so what happens to all of those I’ve sought to make happy by fulfilling what they thought was right for me?  What happens to the way I’m used to making money and showing I’ve been successful?  What happens to the definition of successful and acceptance and love and any of the other million things we’ve spent millennia defining to keep people on the same course in an effort to pretend we are at the helm? 

The truth is we ARE at the helm, just not in the conventional or accepted manner.  We’ve always known not everything works for everyone and not everyone has the same dreams or desires.  But we made it impossible for people to share those things because we label that as other.  The truth is that “other” is completely normal.  We have no control at the conventional societal level because it isn’t designed for us: it’s designed for the machine and to keep it going.  But when we are in our day to day lives, we are 100% in control of who we are and we are responsible for knowing what our soul is telling us.  THAT is the ultimate connection with source: hearing and answering our calling.  Fulfilling the purpose we feel rather than what we are told. 

We fear rejection of who we are because on some levels it means we are out of the pack.  That is part of the reason we do fear sharing who we are.  We are afraid the inner parts of us, the real meat of who we are will not be accepted.  Sometimes it isn’t about good or bad, it’s simply about feeling accepted as we are.  When we share our light, all of that is exposed.  There is no hiding what we really feel when we share the depths of our souls.  And no, not everyone will accept that.  Not everyone will understand you.  We have to learn to get past that because there are people for all of us.  They may not be the people we are told to or the people we are born with, but there are people who accept us and people who need us.  Sometimes we aren’t meant to be part of the pack, we are meant to lead it.  In order for that to happen we need to share that light and allow it to do what it does best: shine over every part of ourselves.  Practice shining anyway.

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