Disaster of the Mind

Photo by Farzad Sedaghat on Pexels.com

As an appropriate follow up, I just read a piece about thinking of the next disaster and how we bring it about.  See, I always believed I was a relatively positive person.  I can cheerlead and uplift those around me, I have belief that anyone can get through anything even if it’s simply by picking up their boot straps and going,  I know people can create the life they want simply by taking a look at the big picture and breaking it down to small steps.  So why do I fail to follow through with that type of belief for myself?  Why is it that I forget all of the wonderful things I can impart to others but I don’t fully embrace that possibility for myself?  Why do I let one set back or one fear derail my cheerleading for myself?  And this is the point about fear.  I spend more time preparing for disaster that never comes than I do planning for the life I want.

It’s easy to get derailed when life gets chaotic and of course it’s easy to feel the fear of all the terrible things that can happen when we are in the midst of change or when there’s an overwhelming amount of work to do.  But we have to work (I have to work) on training those instincts to see the positive first.  When we focus on the negative all the time, the negative will manifest.  Our exact fear may not manifest, but our dreams will certainly not. 

The bottom line is we can’t run around like Chicken Little thinking the sky is falling when we face a bump in the road.  We can’t dread/forecast the future based on a single obstacle.  We need to elevate and look at the big picture to evaluate what has happened (or what we fear will happen) in order to gain some perspective.  Worst case scenario is even if the disaster we fear takes place, we would begin again.  That’s the bottom line.  If it all falls apart, you’d have to start over anyway.  So remember to take stock of where you’re at and be grateful.  From there you can look at the situation and ask if you need to make any pivots because if things aren’t going on course, you certainly will need to pivot.  And every day make sure you’re looking at the actions you can take to get just a bit closer to your goal. 

The other point is the power of the mind.  When we focus on negativity, we are giving source the opportunity to interpret those thoughts as what we really want.  The focus is so important because when we brace ourselves for the worst at all times, that is the message we send to the universe: that we are expecting the worst to happen.  Don’t allow the fears and disasters in the mind become reality because we pull ourselves out of a rut or because we can’t see the big picture yet.  Take a deep breath and pause and make sure you’re guiding yourself the right way.  Don’t let your message to the universe be one of fear and destruction.  Focus on the good or at the very least focus on the goal. 

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