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We’ve had quite a bit on our plate lately between work, shifting jobs, starting new projects, our son going to camp, a business trip coming up, illness.  I felt completely helpless, like I was doing everything wrong, like the future was ruined, like I wouldn’t succeed, like I wasn’t clear in anything, like a doormat and a failure.  Right in the middle of a meltdown, I saw a cicada sitting on our fence.  I didn’t think much of it at the time until I came back later and saw it was still there.  And then later still in the day, it was there.  So I took it as a sign and I looked up the spiritual meaning of a cicada and I was floored.

These insects represent rebirth, rejuvenation, and allowing the hidden or dormant parts of our lives come out.  It’s about change, renewal, and transformation.  These animals are a good omen indicating emergence is at hand and is indicative of self-development.  The symbolism also talks about being a good communicator.  Finally, I also read about the positive impact of the animal, discussion on expectations, learning, trusting timing, a new beginning, being optimistic, and experiencing freedom.  I could not believe that every one of my anxieties had been addressed in that moment.  This amazing little creature brought the message that all of those fears are meaningless.  It’s up to me to take action and there is a very good chance that with action, the very life I want to experience will happen.  This is the living reminder that sometimes things have to fall apart to come together. 

Yes, it’s terrifying to think of letting go of all that I’ve achieved so far.  But it’s also terrifying to have this feeling of wanting something more and not doing anything about it, or that it can’t happen.  This thing inside isn’t so far beneath the surface and if eel it trying to emerge more every day.  Like the cicada, there is something trying to come out of me.  It is ok to trust that, while things are falling apart, they are absolutely coming together.  I know I need to become fully who I am and that means embracing all facets of myself.  It means taking some leaps and allowing that which no longer serves to crumble away.  This animal is saying it is safe to do so. 

I never felt such relief from a sign from the universe.  Things really do happen for a reason and I am so grateful for each reminder that I am on the right path.  Even if I have a meltdown and feel like I’m losing my way, there is something to remind me that all is well.  This is all part of the plan.  The things we no longer need eventually do fall away in time, it’s part of the natural course of life.  The key is getting the vision and believing in it.  Taking the steps needed to become the person I know I am and to release the fear of it.  To know I am always supported even if it feels like it will never be light again.  This message is the same for all of us.  We are always supported and cared for and guided.  We just have to be open to the guidance and remember it all the time.    

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