Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for development.  We recently took a business trip for a conference for the company we’ve become a part of.  I am so grateful for each and every learning experience we had while we were down there.  I’m grateful for the connection and assistance and camaraderie I witnessed.  I’m grateful for the support I witnessed.  I’m grateful to understand what has been gifted to me.  I’m grateful to my mentor for reaching out when she did.  Sometimes people see things in us we don’t see in ourselves.  Sometimes people believe in you before you believe in yourself. 

Today I am grateful for hunger.  Following up on my first point, I am grateful to have a new relationship with hunger.  I used to seek comfort at all costs but I recently heard that aging is the aggressive pursuit of comfort.  If we immediately satiate the desires we have, we lose the creativity to find a way out.  You see, hunger is only dangerous if you don’t guide it or understand what it’s driving you toward: your desire.  The body/mind function optimally when they are a bit stressed.  There is a sweet spot of creative/productive anxiety that leads to phenomenal results.  If we train ourselves that we are going to die if our needs aren’t immediately met, everything becomes a crisis.  We want to be driven enough and clear enough to be properly motivated.  So let yourself get a little uncomfortable.  A little hungry and see what you are really seeking.  Clarity comes from engagement of what we know is on the other side of our fear.  Go toward it.

Today I am grateful for honesty.  I’ve spent too many years lying to myself.  I thought it was the polite thing to not want too much.  I thought it was the right thing to do as I’ve been told.  I thought it was selfish to admit desires and that it was selfish to want more.  But when we admit what we want and who we are it unleashes a greater potential than we realized we had.  Getting honest about who we are leads us to what we’ve been searching for all along: ourselves.  Getting honest isn’t selfish, it is the greatest fulfillment of our purpose we can have.  The universe can’t answer our desires if we don’t share them.  I know what I want now and it doesn’t matter what someone else labels it (selfish, greedy, etc.).  What matters is that is the course I know I need to take.

Today I am grateful for movement.  Moving the body is something many of us take for granted—myself included. I’ve been ill and had a minor injury so I haven’t been moving as much as I would like as of late.  I allowed myself to fall back into some old habits because I didn’t feel like pushing beyond.  But let me tell you about the difference in my mind and soul and my body.  At first it felt good to “relax.”  But all too quickly it went from a “this is nice” feeling to an “everything is overwhelming” feeling.  Moving the body is so important and necessary.  We are designed to move.  We are designed to push.  I do not take that for granted and I am grateful to get back to healthy habits.

Today I am grateful for validation.  This one is sort of silly but I am grateful all the same.  I notoriously have issues with log ins and mobile apps.  Things literally stop working for no reason.  Today we had a hiccup with one of my work out programs where I couldn’t log in.  My husband watched as I tried and tried, he tried and tried, and over and over we saw the same message that I wasn’t recognized.  Normally it’s a little joke, but this is something that drives me nuts.  Technology isn’t perfect, but I believe if we invest in something, it should work.  Regardless, when my husband did the same things I was doing and still had no success, it finally dawned on him that I wasn’t making this up.  All of the issues I’ve had before literally came out of nowhere (I’ve been told “I’ve never seen that before” more times than I can count).  Again, it’s silly, but it’s nice for someone to know this is one area I’m not crazy 😊

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.    

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