Realizations Through Disney-Part Two

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Lesson two from Disney comes from one of my favorites: Wreck it Ralph.  This one is specifically from Ralph Breaks the Internet.  There’s a scene in the movie when all of the original Disney princesses are sitting around talking about how they had their revelations.  They’re telling Vanellope to find some water and she will start singing.  Sure enough, Vanellope has an epiphany about leaving her game and going into a different game but she has fears about leaving Ralph.  At the same time, Ralph is running around doing all of these things so they can return to their game.  Earlier in the movie Ralph and Vanellope talked about how he was happy doing the same thing every day because he finally had a friend, and Vanellope wanted to do something more.  Now we see that in their actions.

I had my own epiphany and I didn’t need a body of water to make it happen.  I’ve been like Ralph.  I want all of these other things in my life and I want to do things differently, yet, on a daily basis, I’m running around doing the same things over and over.  I was even still trying to work while sick just to prove that I’m a team player and that I don’t want to get behind because the job matters. In my soul, I know it doesn’t.  I know I want something more.  So why am I so afraid to let it all fall apart?  Because doing what I do now is known.  Yes, I know I want something else but I haven’t found the foot holds to go and do it so I repeat the patterns.  I think that’s something we all do.

The thing is, if we are doing what we’ve always done, we will certainly always get what we’ve always gotten.  Yes, we feel safe, (I feel safe) repeating the pattern but it isn’t getting me where I want to be.  If there is something on the other side of the fear that I want to do then I need to try and do something else to see where it gets me.  That is the only way we can move forward.  We have to try things even if they don’t’ make sense and even if they scare us.  We will only know what we are capable of if we push ourselves to do something different or try something new. 

Sometimes life nudges us and sometimes it pushes us off the ledge.  Sometimes it allows us the courtesy of having a realization while watching a Disney movie.  It’s what we do with those lessons that determines the results.  I’ve had a beautiful few days learning these lessons and becoming something new but what matters now is what I do with this information.  I’m so fortunate to have these lessons in my back pocket.  Now it’s a matter of what I do with it.  The action is what matters.  I know I do not want to continue stifling my life.  It’s time to allow and get honest and follow the new path.  As hard as it can be to leave things behind, it’s necessary to turn the page.  It is safe to close the chapter and move forward.  Not everything is meant to be safe and known.  Sometimes it is simply meant to be how it is.

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