Realizations Through Disney- Part One

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The universe is really on a role with me.  They say that the universe whispers the lesson and if you don’t get it, it smacks you with a two by four.  I’ve been sick and finishing up some internal work (which I know won’t actually be finished) and these beautiful messages keep coming my way.  So, since the whole family is down right now, we spent some time watching TV and we just happened to go through a Disney day.  Ironic considering I was already dealing with some misperceived lessons from Disney as I mentioned a few posts ago 😊.  The universe would call it synchronicity, but here we are. 

We finally watched Lightyear and let me tell you I went into a tailspin.  I hated the movie for most of it because I have such an engrained fear of time.  This movie specifically deals with losing time and spending so much time focusing on making things right and getting it perfect that quite literally life passes away in the blink of an eye.  What is four minutes to the character is really four years to everyone else and Buzz spends so much time trying to fix his errors, his partner eventually dies.  He couldn’t appreciate the life that he had right here and now because he was so fixated on his mission. He missed the point of the life he could have made.  There is a point when the character’s granddaughter (the one who passed) says her grandmother’s life did matter.  She raised two generations there regardless of the fact she wasn’t meant to be where they were.  Insert major life lesson.  Making a life instead of fighting for one.

I’ve spent so much time trying to course correct that I’ve missed out on a lot of present moments.  I’ve wished things were a certain way and I felt like a failure if they didn’t go as planned.  I’ve even wanted to go back in time and try again.  I know that isn’t possible, but that feeling lingers.  I’ve often lost sight of the life I have created, thinking that I could have done something better “if only.”  That is a waste of time.  When you start doing inner work and understanding what you are capable of in this moment, of appreciating the time you do have, of being grateful for the experiences you have now, that is when you align and a new path unfolds, or rather, the answers come. 

The point is to make a life here and now.  It doesn’t matter what it looks like because the point isn’t to get it perfect.  Trying to make it perfect is a waste of time.  We are trained that if it isn’t perfect, it doesn’t matter, but we learn that life matters simply because of the experience of it.  Don’t waste the precious gift we have.  Make the most of it.  Love every second you have and appreciate it because you never know how long you have.  You never know the fingerprints you leave behind and that isn’t always the point.  The impact we make doesn’t have to be great to be significant for one person.  Our lives can matter just in what we do on a daily basis.  Simply being who we are is enough.

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