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“The less aligned you are with your soul, the harder life becomes.  The more you align with your soul, the easier it gets.  The more you align with your soul, the more the path narrows.  All the options that do not excite you fall away and you will be presented with more options that support your highest joy.  You do not need to make things happen.  You just need to let go of your own resistance and get out of your own way,” Ashmi Path.  The universe loves to provide signs and this is a perfect follow up to yesterday’s post.  I ended with, “Just be who you are and that is enough” after discussing being extra or basic.  Ashmi puts it in a prettier context: aligning with who you are and your purpose makes life easier because everything that is not you falls away.  It doesn’t matter what anyone says as long as you are aligned with who you are.

The time we have on this Earth is precious and finite and we don’t know when it ends.  So every moment we have here is a gift.  There was a time when fitting in and following the path and being defined meant something because we are still connected to that primal creature inside of us fighting to survive.  We need to be able to quickly discern if something is dangerous so we still have the habit of putting everything in a box for ease of understanding.  As time has gone one, we no longer have a full understanding of everything that ended up in that box.  We are still operating under the premise that there are enough boxes for all we see when the reality is closer to the idea there is no box.  The irony is we spend more time caring about defining people than looking up from our phone crossing the street—which is really more dangerous?  I digress.

The point is to eliminate the influence from the outside as much as possible except for that which resonates with you.  Sometimes it can be a passing fad and others it may truly speak to you.  The point is to not limit the experience but learn to integrate it and follow what brings joy in the moment.  That joy is the key to who you are and your purpose.  We’ve been fed false information about what joy is and the purpose of joy in our lives and so many of us feel it is a selfish thing to feel joy or pleasure.  The irony of that situation is that we spend so much time looking for outside things to make us happy and we waste time and money on things that we think make us feel good rather than spending the time internalizing and learning who we are so we don’t have to search for outside gratification.  Take the time to align!

Jumping into the unknown is terrifying even if it’s something that excites you, I don’t pretend it isn’t.  Jumping into the unknown when it’s based off of a feeling of something you might have to or want to do can be totally paralyzing.   We aren’t trained to follow our instincts or trust what we KNOW because we are taught to follow what we are told.  We aren’t told that the secret is to learn to hear what we already know from ourselves.   The reason we aren’t given a guide to live is because we are born with it inside of us.  We just confuse easily because we fear not fitting in somehow.  When we go back to that inner knowing, the path we are meant to follow becomes more clear and that confusion goes away.  So all of this is to say let go of what the outside is telling you and find your way back to who you are.  Even if it takes starting over every day to do it, start over and learn to get comfortable with yourself.  That path is for you.  Now go walk it. 

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