Complete Connection

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There are some moments that are absolutely jarring in life.  We think of tragedy and loss and pain and the way they can ever alter us mentally and physically.  We rarely talk about the moments of magic.  Those instances when we have the divine confirmed for us and the blessing they are.  I was speaking with my son and I told him I love him and we play this game about “More.”  It’s just this little thing we do where I tell him I love him and he says it back and then I say “More” meaning I love you more and he replies, “Not possible” and I chase him around because I love him more.  This time I said, “It’s always possible I love you, you’re home grown, I made you”.  He said, “You didn’t make me, you’ve had me for a thousand years”.  My heart nearly exploded.

I was reminded in that instant of the infinite wisdom of children.  I also thought back to an incident many years ago.  My oldest sister gifted me a reading with a psychic.  When I spoke with the psychic (which I was skeptical about), she told me that I had been with my husband in many iterations over many lifetimes in many ways and in different forms.  I remember thinking of all the ways we had been interconnected over the years, the time before we met when our paths had be crossing and intertwining but not meeting, and all the things that led me to him.  I knew in that instant that she was right.  There was no way that we hadn’t been brought together. I knew the same was true with my son as well.

It’s always said that children speak the truth and they remember far more than we give them credit for.  They have vision into the things we choose to forget as we get older.  I believe that is true.  Ironically, or perhaps synchronistically, there was also a reel I happened across on Instagram.  The reel said something similar to the effect that children know the secrets of life but by the time they turn four years old they forget.  The man in the reel said that he started asking his three year old and the child kept saying he couldn’t tell him because it was a secret and shortly before he turned four, he said he forgot.  I can’t recall the exact verbiage but the dad said the son asked him what HE thought the meaning/secret of life is so the father commented about family and being together.  The son replied, “I knew you would figure it out.” 

We spend a lot of time overcomplicating life.  Between confusing who we are and ambition and misleading thoughts about who and what we have to be and who and what we have to have to be considered successful/worthy in society create massive conflict in the mind.  We forget and we allow the simple truth to fade away.  All we need is each other and to find joy.  We need to experience life, not the roller coaster obstacle course we call life.  Not that there aren’t naturally ups and downs, but we don’t need the self-inflicted mess and drama we bring out.  The moment my son said I’ve had him for a thousand years, I instantly knew he spoke the truth.  Life isn’t complicated, it’s about love and being together and accepting who we are.  It’s about the connection and the remembering of that purpose: to love and care for this gift while we have it because it is painfully short at times.  I will always be on that roller coaster with my family and I am happy to do it, I am blessed to remember that. 

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