Some Clarity

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An appropriate follow up to yesterday’s post: I’m learning to meditate—it’s a practice I’ve been dabbling with for years but now I really put the effort in.  I’ve been taking time off lately and I happen to have another long weekend in progress now, and I remember what I used to envision.  I used to envision time doing nothing.  Watching TV, maybe being able to move or I would maniacally move and rush to get things done in my time off. Now I understand the difference between rushing to get things done/get through tings and putting in the work toward self-connection. 

Today’s meditation was a three minute presence focus and the narrator introduced the idea of meditating to sound (well, it was an introduction to me).  He brought us into the present by listening to the things happening around us.  Ironically, for the first time probably ever in my household, there was silence.  I had zero ambient noise at all (no AC running, no people walking around, no animals crying).  But I got to hear one natural sound: a bird softly chirping outside the window.  The first thing that struck me was the silence.  I’m not sure I have ever heard that much emptiness. 

The narrator said to be open to whatever was happening around us, like one big open space where the sound just is and comes and goes and we meet it and allow it to pass.  For the first time in my life, I recognized the silence for what it is: an endless source of potential.  Anything could have filled that moment.  We can meet the emptiness with our own brand, style, and method of creativity and build whatever we can imagine.  Emptiness is not something to fear: it’s a new opportunity—an endless/infinite one at that.

As I sat there hearing nothing and then the bird, nothing, then the bird, I felt the allowance of what is: this beautiful creature adding its song, almost as if saying, “Good Morning.”  When the meditation was completed, I looked at a group I follow on Instagram and the post discussed nature enticing us to spend time with her through the calling of birds.  Absolute synchronicity.  That was another moment where the universe affirmed I am on the right path.  I don’t need to choose stress and hustle and proving on a daily basis to be deemed worthy.  I can be open to what is and share the value of being and love and enjoy the day. 

We wear stress like a badge in this society, or like a cloak of honor.  The more stressed we are, the more points we have, thinking we are earning some right to something through giving up our days in exchange for the non-existent promise of tomorrow.  Stress literally kills.  I no longer see the value in it.  I have no desire to keep up with it.  And as I continue this journey of opening up to who I am and embracing the things I wanted (but didn’t know I could actually do), I welcome the possibilities of other ways.  I welcome the ease that life can be when you just live it as it is.  I welcome the joy of being present and having fun.  I welcome the creativity and talent that opens doors to everything.  I welcome myself and honor who I am and what I am meant to be, my purpose. 

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