Finding Notes

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“That is what life is, taking the time to hit the right notes,” Ray Charles.  I came across this the other day and it got me thinking a bit.  We don’t need to rush through life, trying to complete everything or trying to get it right.  We need to take the time to recognize what is right for us.  I’ve said it before but sometimes there are certain words that just resonate and make sense or it takes a different cadence for it to click with some people.  When you move through life, not only do we need to listen to the song of other people, we need to feel the rhythm of the universe, and most importantly, we need to remember what our own rhythm is, the music we create. 

Sometimes it isn’t so much about hitting the right notes, it’s about creating them.  It’s about finding who we are and finding our own rhythm in the grand mix of the universe.  This is the same as forging our own path and it’s a beautiful reinforcement of the fact that we have a place in the universe.  There is a flow to the universe, an understanding of who we are that expresses in joy and happiness and presence.  None of those things come easily because we are told (especially in western culture) that we need to earn that happiness and joy rather than understanding the inherent state of it.

I’ve written a few pieces lately about seeing the anger in people, the frustration, the misery that they express on a daily basis.  As I think more about it, can you honestly say you believe the purpose of your life is to spend a third of it miserable, a third of it asleep, and then trying to cram in a few things you like with the other third?  I know I can’t.  There is so much more out there, there is so much more we are meant to do and experience.  We are meant to appreciate and live in every moment. Awake and alive.  Feeling the rhythm, the beating of our hearts, the in and out of breath in our lungs, the movement we are graced with.  THAT is life. 

I know in the moments of synchronicity that I’ve shared here, I have never felt more alive.  Things happen for a reason and when we experience the divine guidance through the natural state of who we are, it is magic.  We are taught to forget that, our connection to the rhythm that naturally takes us where we need to be.  It’s a combination of control and attempting to control what we are not responsible for.  We have ourselves, we are responsible for ourselves, and that is all the sovereignty we are granted.  Something they never tell you is the joy you get from having that type of peace in your life.  Knowing what is yours and respecting what isn’t.  We like to think we can change people’s state or make them fulfill our will, or feel powerful if we exert that control, but that doesn’t mean anything.  The ability to rest in who we are is unlike anything else.

So take the time to learn to reconnect with who you are and dive into that being.  Rather, dive into being that person.  You have the power, you have the vision, all you need to do is allow.  Listen to the messages you know you hear, the calls that you try to ignore because you are told they are wrong.  Listen to what you feel inside of you.  Hear the beautiful rhythm of your own soul and the notes you didn’t know it could play.  Then play those notes, loud and clear to create the song of your soul.  Trust me, you will never hear anything more beautiful. 

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