Time To Go

Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com

A good indicator of it being time to move on is if you no longer see any value in what you’re doing or if you can’t find the good in it any longer.  I mean, there is good in everything, of course, but if you can’t find it or if you don’t feel it, chances are it isn’t aligned with you and you need to find something else.  I also understand that there is value in challenges/obstacles.  It is fabulous to learn something new about yourself and sometimes in order for that to happen, we need to be pushed outside of our comfort zone.  But I’m talking about situations where there is no point.  The circles are spinning, the actions are repeating, and no one is getting anywhere.  I’m also talking about those moments where we are stressed beyond capacity and it isn’t a positive stress, it’s the demoralizing, draining kind.

I sat at my desk the other day and I found myself in such a situation.  I felt my blood pressure up, I could feel my breathing constrict, and I felt my whole body tense up because I was managing another fire that could have easily been resolved by the first person.  NO VALUE ADDED.  As I sat there ready to scream or cry (maybe both) I heard myself say without thinking, “I can’t deal with this anymore, there is no point.”  I asked myself why do we continue to repeat the patterns we know get us nowhere?  Why do we feel this is what our days are meant to look like?  Who said this is the way?  Who decided that this is what our lives are meant to look like and why did I buy in?  There is nothing genuine in it, not anymore at least.  There is no care in what we do beyond making sure it gets done.

Normally I would find myself bristling and finding a way to fight it, turn it back on the other person, or bitch about it incessantly.  This time I didn’t even want to consider that.  I didn’t want to waste my energy on that.  I simply wanted to exit stage left and quietly go about my business elsewhere, the things I really wanted to do.  Like, if this works for you, great, but I know this isn’t for me anymore.  I always wanted to prove I could do it. I mean, I made it to this level, I did the work and I know I CAN do it.  But is it how I really want to invest my time anymore? 

When you arrive at this question and you understand that the answer is a choice—moreover, if you know the answer is “No” then you know what you need to do.  You know that it is time to do something different.  It’s time to invest the time in something meaningful for you.  I’m learning so many things don’t pan out exactly how I thought they would—they weren’t how I pictured them.  But I can guarantee that even if it didn’t look “right,” I got exactly what I needed.  It’s amazing, it has never failed.  There is no need to panic, there is just an absolute necessity to follow that voice when it’s telling you something is off.  You can trust it. Follow what makes sense for you.   

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