A Source of Light Over Dark

Photo by Du01b0u01a1ng Nhu00e2n on Pexels.com

I had a thought the other day about the grind and doing the work we do, the things we choose, why we keep doing them even if we know we don’t like it.  I see the same people on the route to work nearly every day, I see the same people at work every day (some I have gotten very close to), we have the same conversations every day.  Is this what life is?  A series on repeat?  No, the answer to that is clearly and emphatically no.  Anyone who has read my work for any length of time knows that I do not believe in that.  I’ve even discussed the quote about not living the same day over and over for 60 years and calling it a life.  But what I noticed in this repetition is that we are all looking for safety in the known.  We can plan our routines and our days to the moment and if anything disturbs that we (especially those of us with anxiety) freak out.  How is that living?

Regardless, as I was thinking about that pattern I realized that the search for safety has made us tame.  The search for comfort disguised as safety has made us miserable.  Thinking we have to live that way has taken the life out of us.  When I talk about awakening and igniting light and finding the purpose/passion in our lives, I’m talking about learning to get in touch with what we really want—not what we are told to want.  I’m talking about creating our own patterns, our own beliefs, and learning to follow our own intuition.  People who love themselves are really hard to sway and people who know themselves are even harder to tame.  We are not all the same!! I know that seems like such common knowledge but if that’s the case then why do we all try to do the same thing every day?  Why do we think we need the 9-5 or that we have to do what someone else tells us with our lives and time? Why do we think we need to reach a certain age to earn the right to explore life?

We live under the mistaken belief that we need permission to use our time as we see fit and that we need permission to do anything with our lives—everything from time off to the  type of work we do and the qualifications necessary to prove we are “worthy” of a certain type of…anything.  We don’t need permission to feel alive.  We don’t need permission to do the things that make us feel alive.  We don’t need permission to change what our lives look like.  We don’t need permission to change our minds about what works for us.  We feel miserable when we feel trapped but we aren’t taught the cage comes from ourselves.  It’s like the elephant chained to the plastic lawn chair.  We have the capacity for so much but we limit everything we do.

So as I saw people in this state, miserable, running the same course day in and day out, I realized something:  we’ve mistaken the norm/base state as misery.  As this thought occurred to me I realized I was doing things I didn’t want to be doing either in the name of safety and comfort.  So how am I contributing to the negative cycle as I repeat it?  That’s when I realized I may be part of something dark at times but I can be a light in that dark. No needs my anger or misery or my misconstrued perceptions and interpretations making things worse than they are.  We need the light.  And that is what I love to remind people of all the time.  The truth is I sure as hell would rather be a source of light than darkness.  I know in my soul it feels better.  Why limit what I feel or express because it makes others uncomfortable?  I’d rather show them how to tap into that source within themselves.  Be the light you need. 

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