Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for stepping way beyond my comfort zone and for support.  I was fortunate enough to meet a business partner from out of state yesterday.  I do not do well with meeting people in most scenarios (thank you social awkwardness) and I am naturally pretty skeptical when we haven’t had the chance to really connect so I had my guard up, but not my fear.  My husband came with me which surprised me to every degree.  I realized during our meeting that it was really meant to reaffirm my place and understanding in the business, but it was also to connect my husband and have him jump on board.  See, I’ve been approaching it wrong (more to come) and bringing everyone together showed me the real point.  Having my husband with me meant more than I thought it would and I think I found the support I didn’t even know I needed.

Today I am grateful to understand.  One of my roles in this world is to connect.  I’m really astute at connecting people, and I’m also pretty astute at connecting people to their purpose.  I don’t say that lightly or flippantly because I sincerely struggle to connect myself to my purpose and I struggle to practice what I preach at times.  Regardless, I am pretty good at getting people where they need to be.  So when one of those connections happens for me, I do not take it for granted.  I appreciate being in an environment where I feel natural and in flow.  I appreciate understanding how I fit in.

Today I am grateful for friendship.  Relationships change over time whether they are romantic or friendly. We sway the line with connection and separation and finding our way back and forth between them.  And in those moments we connect, we find something really special.  We need people.  We find the parts of ourselves in others and we love them.  If we can love and appreciate those things in others, we can certainly learn to love and appreciate them in ourselves.

Today I am grateful for opportunity.  Sometimes it’s easy to trap ourselves in a cage and feel like we have no way out.  Things spiral and spin and we feel ourselves sinking lower and lower—I’m not sure if it’s just the human experience or if it’s our experience in general, the experience we are trying to live up to.  Regardless, I am appreciative of the opportunity to break out of the cage and to see things differently.  I’m appreciative of the opportunity I gave myself months ago that I can take action on now and make things better.  Sometimes we have to hit a low in order to take advantage of or recognize a way to get out.  Sometimes we are drained in order to see what we really need and to see what we actually have.  It isn’t all empty—there is a place to fill up again.

Today I am grateful for recognizing full.  There are times for filling the cup and there are times for expending the energy and if we don’t practice both then we struggle to accomplish either and we struggle to recognize when the time is right for either.  We are in a bit of a stumble recently as we are working on some things with the house and financially.  A bunch of things hiccupped at once and, yes, we are ok, but it is still difficult to manage all of it at once.  I had this thought on full while cleaning.  Even though I want to rest, it is time to work.  And when we work, it may be time to rest—so it is key to know when it is appropriate to do what.  To know when we’ve taken in enough and it is time to move. To know when to let the swing glide forward and when we need to push back.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.

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