Shifting Intuition

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I’ve been looking for what I can do, what other ways to change my life by getting another degree a different job, something—but I don’t need a degree to change the world.   I don’t need a degree to get me into a system I know is broken and malfunctioning.  I need to reshape what I know is right with a different experience.  The system needs a different perspective.  The system needs my perspective, not my ability to blend into it.  You can’t break something by being part of it.  It’s the scariest moment of my life right now because I know I have to take this leap but I literally can’t see the next step.  I mean, that’s the point of the leap: you don’t always see what you’re going for.  Sometimes you just get a feeling and know you have to go in that direction. That’s the way we go and we trust it is right.   

We can’t approach something of this magnitude with the idea everyone has to do it our way.  No, we need to approach this as what we offer matters and we can offer something off the beaten path.  We can offer change and substance and simply show another way.  I used to think we could do it as some kind of inside job.  You know, adapt to the system, become a part of it,  and then reveal where it’s broken.  But that’s assuming we know what’s broken.  That’s reshaping something that doesn’t want to adapt.  Sometimes we have to know when we need to rebuild.  We have to know when to go for something else entirely.  It’s as I’ve said all along: it’s not about being right, it’s about doing what’s right.      Do that enough and people will learn from the example. 

We need to be our authentic self.  The world doesn’t need any more examples of people fitting in the system, it needs examples of a new system.  Being your authentic self means being comfortable with who you are and sharing that light and igniting that light in others and then letting them share their light and so on.  As we become comfortable with who we are, we create space for new possibilities both for ourselves and others.  We’ve done things the same way for ages and we feel that we need something new.  We do that by exactly that: trying something new.  As we heal, we get closer to the parts that were afraid of being seen and the more we allow them to be seen, the more authentic we feel.  Then we become who we are.  Heal the self first, then we heal the world. 

3 thoughts on “Shifting Intuition

  1. Wow! Needed this today. Have been doing my best to live MY authentic life and do best I can to be a positive force just by being me. Everywhere. I also used to think I had to be in a certain job or doing things this way or that way. Now, I am doing my best to just do and BE myself and let the chips, if any, fall where ever or however they may. I’m not sure, currently, if I am winning or losing. And, for the first time, not taking score.🥰


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