Bittersweet Place in the Universe

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While we are small, that doesn’t mean we can do nothing.  We may not have an impact on the entire universe but we have a part in it, and we can always impact the universe for one person.  We have to get to this point for a reason.  I wrote about tragedy and love and the human condition yesterday and my anger that people are in a position where they can’t enjoy their lives or prioritize what is important to them because they have to prioritize the system.  I realized that my anger came because I felt completely helpless.  I envisioned my own parents in that position and it broke me down.  I mean, we have the collective to think about, yes, but if we continue to treat the individual as a cog in the machine, we lose our humanity.    

Life is this bittersweet mix of joy and pain, of happiness and sadness, of light and dark.  They say you can’t experience one without the other.  That you need both to understand the other.  That may be true because to have a true appreciation for something, you have to feel what it’s like without it.  But to see others suffer without something you have readily available, to see others suffer at the expense of some having and others NOT having is life changing and painful.  In this day and age there is more than enough to go around—we don’t need to continue perpetuating the greed in order to keep the system alive.  We may be tiny, but we can have an impact.  And I’d rather spend my time making sure that is a positive ripple versus repeating the same patterns.    

We may be small, we may be insignificant in the grand scheme of things with trillions of galaxies out there, we may be a blip in time but we all have a purpose.  Honestly, we may be genetic cogs in the system.  But I struggle to accept that we are cogs in a system that serves the idolatarized God of money over the humanity of people.  We are better.  We are more than that.  And what’s more is that we know it and we are trained out of it from the time we are little.  Share the stories of humanity, of love with everyone around you because we need a different tale.  We need a story of coming together to find a new way to make this work because the division between those who have and those who don’t is only growing.  We can’t forget the people who are doing their best, doing what they are told, and are still not allowed to thrive.

Let’s remind ourselves what is really going on: we are cognizant.  We have a certain scope of power.  We are able to awaken that power and make things better for everyone through serving our purpose.  For so many years we have been told that purpose is to generate money, buy a house, have kids, get all the things.  But what if that purpose was far simpler: what if we are meant to fulfill our capacity to each other through embracing our humanity?  Why did we have to put a dollar on our effort?  I mean, it served at the time and it allowed for an exchange of goods.  Absolutely.  But we have to question whether or not what we are doing is working by today’s standards, and from what I can see, it is not.  So not only are we cognizant, we are part of something greater.  Let’s redefine what it means to be great and how to make this a little better for everyone.  Let those who have learn to bring up those who have not.  Let us all have the ability to enjoy our lives without feeling like we need to prove our worth or that we have to earn it.   Let us love what we have and share that love with others. 

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